Frequently Asked Questions

What makes Avid® miticide/insecticide different from Flagship® insecticide?

Avid miticide/insecticide is the industry standard for control of leafminers and mites. It also provides suppression of aphids, thrips, and whiteflies. Avid has a unique mode of action and chemistry that makes it ideal for a resistance management program. Flagship is labeled for control of whiteflies, aphids, fungus gnats, ants, soft scales, and mealybugs. Used at low use rates, it works through contact and ingestion activity. Unlike Avid, Flagship can be applied in granular applications or as a foliar spray or media drench due to the fast systemic movement throughout the plant.

How can Avid and Flagship work together successfully in my rotational program?

Since both products have different modes of action, they can be used successfully in a rotational program.

If I rotate between Avid and Flagship in my insect management program, how many different insects am I potentially controlling?

Together, Avid and Flagship are ideal for rotation in resistance management programs. In a program, the products control over 20 major insects, including whiteflies, aphids, fungus gnats, ants, soft scales, and mealybugs, and suppress thrips.

What is the mode of action of Avid?

Avid contains abamectin as its active ingredient and is in the glycoside class of chemistry listed in the MOA Group 6. Abamectin is a GABA (Gamma Amino Butyric Acid) agonist that results in the blocking of insects' nerve signals. The pests stop feeding, become paralyzed, and eventually die. Through translaminar activity, Avid actually penetrates the plant tissue and forms a reservoir of active ingredient inside the leaf cuticle. This reservoir protects the plant against pests that feed on foliage.

What is the mode of action of Flagship?

Flagship contains thiamethoxam as its active ingredient, which is in the neonicotinoid class of chemistry listed in the MOA Group 4. Thiamethoxam has contact and ingestion activity on all stages of insect development, except the egg stage. A type of nicotinic acetylcholine receptor (nAChR) has been identified as the target site for neonicotinoids. Soon after ingestion, feeding stops and insect mortality occurs in one to two days.

Thiamethoxam has a low molecular weight, low octanol-water partition coefficient, and relatively high water solubility, all of which favor rapid and efficient uptake and xylem transport in plants. Following uptake by plant roots, stems, and leaves, thiamethoxam is transported in the xylem in an acropetal direction. This systemic activity protects plant tissue at and above the point of absorption. Slow metabolism of thiamethoxam in the plant, coupled with moderate soli persistence results in pest control over an extended period of time.

How quickly does Avid work?

Insect pests stop feeding within hours. Mortality is high within 24 to 48 hours.

How quickly does Flagship work?

Flagship works within 24 hours.

On what crops can Avid and Flagship be used?

Avid can be applied to plants grown in shadehouses, greenhouses, field-grown ornamentals, foliage plants, Christmas trees, and other woody ornamentals.

Flagship can be applied to the same crops as Avid in addition to non-bearing fruit and nut trees.

Are there any crops on which I can't use Avid?

Avid should not be used on ferns (Adiantum sp.) Shasta Daisy (Leucanthemum sp.) or in citrus nurseries. Please check the label for updates.

Are there any crops on which I can't use Flagship?

None known at this time, but please check the label for updates.

Can Avid and Flagship be mixed together?

Yes, but only if used as a spray. However, because Avid also provides good control of many of the same pests as Flagship, you would not necessarily want to put the two products together. The products are best used in rotation rather than a combination.

Can they be tank mixed with fungicides?

Yes, Avid and Flagship can be tank mixed with other control products, but avoid tank mixing with Daconil® fungicide as they do not work well with Weather Stik® technology. Remember, always perform a jar test to verify tank mix compatibility.

How long must I wait before Avid and Flagship are rainfast?

Avid is rainfast within a few hours after application while Flagship is rainfast as soon as it is dry.

What other brands currently on the market could be rotated with Avid and Flagship?

It depends upon the pest management program, but for example, Endeavor®, Judo™, and Sanmite® are all key products that could be included in a whitefly rotational program.

Will I receive GreenPartners® points for purchases of Avid and Flagship?


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