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Seasonal Program

Prepare yourself and your course for winter while strengthening your Purchase Power with the Contend Winter Solution Offer, the Syngenta Snow Mold Assurance Program, and agronomic recommendations for fall cleanup and snow mold control. Learn more by clicking on the tabs below the GreenTrust® 365 icons.

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Contend Winter Solution Offer

Participate in the Contend Winter Solution Offer available now through December 7, 2018 to protect your course from pink and gray snow mold and earn yourself a Harman® Kardon® Onyx Wireless Speaker. The Contend Winter Solution will help you prepare your course for the winter and safeguard your greens, tees and fairways for a timely spring opening.

Purchase Two Contend Winter Solution Pallets and receive:

  • Harman® Kardon® Onyx Wireless Speaker

  • 2019 SummerPay™ Terms on Qualifying Purchases

Warm Season Solution

Program Eligibility

Golf course superintendents that purchase Contend Winter Solution and comply with Program Requirements as set forth below ("Eligible Participants").

Extended Terms: SummerPay

Eligible Participants also have access to SummerPay™ extended terms. SummerPay extended terms enable Eligible Participants to defer payment for Qualifying Purchases made during the Program Period until June 28, 2019.

Program Requirements

  • August 1, 2018 – September 30, 2018
    Qualifying Golf Courses in the 2018 GreenTrust 365 Program will continue to earn their yearlong rebate on purchases of Qualifying Products, including seasonal programs, through September 30, 2018.

  • October 1, 2018 – December 7, 2018
    Purchases made during the 2018 GreenTrust 365 Program will also earn GreenTrust Reward points and help determine your yearlong rebate through September 30, 2019.

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The Syngenta Snow Mold Assurance Now Includes the Power of Contend Fungicide

To help ensure your course opens early in the spring, Instrata® fungicide is assured for 130 days of pink and gray snow mold control on greens and fairways. Now with Contend® fungicide*, there is a powerful tool that provides 110 days of snow mold protection to your fairways. Extensive research and development has demonstrated that these programs deliver the pink and gray snow mold protection you expect.

Maximize Your Protection on Greens and Tees

Maximize Your Protection on Greens and Tees
University of Wisconsin Snow Mold Trial, Stevens Point, WI. 4/13/11

Keeping your greens and tees protected during the winter months is critical. Instrata® fungicide is the foremost product for protection against pink and gray snow mold as well as preventing spring pressure of diseases such as anthracnose. By combining three active ingredients, Instrata at a rate of 9.0–11.0 fl oz per 1,000 ft2 outperforms conventional snow mold products for 130 days of control.

New Level of Snow Mold Control for Fairways.

New Level of Snow Mold Control for Fairways.
Primary pathogen: T. ishikariensis. 150 days snow cover 2015-2016 Utah Snow Mold Trial

3 FRAC codes. 4 active ingredients. 110 days of control. That'’'s the power in Contend. Use it to protect fairways from snow mold. Bank on it for performance. Contend is comprised of Contend A and Contend B and must be tank mixed together to help ensure 110 days of control. Contend A 1.0 fl. oz/1,000 ft2 + Contend B 2.6 fl. oz /1,000 ft2

*Contend® is sold as a combination of separately registered products: Contend A and Contend B fungicides.

Syngenta Preventative Snow Mold Applications

Syngenta Preventative Snow Mold Applications

Pallet & Pack Options

Contend Winter Solution

  • 5 - Contend A+B Snow Pack
  • 2 - Instrata fungicide
  • Priced at $4,981.00/pallet
  • Treats 15 acres of fairways & 3 acres of greens

Snow Mold Solution

  • Banner Maxx II 2 x 1 gal – 2 cases (4 gal total)
  • Concert II 2 x 2.5 gal – 7 cases (35 gal total)
  • Snow Mold Solution: $3,050.00/pallet
  • Treats 12 acres @ 8.3 oz Concert II + 1 oz Banner Maxx II per 1,000 ft2

Contend A+B Snow Pack

  • 1 – 1 gal Contend A fungicide - 1 fl oz per 1,000 ft2
  • 1 – 2.7 gal Contend B fungicide 2.6 fl oz per 1,000 ft2
  • Priced at $974 per Snow Pack
  • Used in combination to treat 3 acres

Two-Stage Approach to Open Early in Spring

With better chemistry and a two-stage protection plan this fall, your course can be ready for an early opening next spring.

Stage 1: Fall Cleanup Options

Fall clean-up application of Secure® Action™, Velista, and/or Headway® fungicides are crucial to curb any lingering summer diseases prior to your snow mold application. Healthy turf heading into winter has greater chance for quicker green-up and recovery in the spring.

Stage 1: Fall Cleanup Options

Stage 2: Snow Mold Control

Planning to protect your golf course from pink and gray snow mold can pay big dividends next spring. Snow mold can cause substantial damage to your course schedule next spring. Don’t compromise: apply a preventive fungicide early to ensure rounds of play will not be affected.

Stage 2: Snow Mold Control

GCSAA Webinar

In a 2016 GCSAA Webinar, Matt Giese, M.S., Syngenta technical manager, discusses identification of snow mold, as well as management strategies for planning a snow mold prevention program. In this webcast, he focuses on pink and gray snow mold while explaining their disease cycle and how it can be prevented. He also explains the importance of preventive fungicide applications, defines golf course treatments, discusses spring cultural practices to stimulate turf recovery, and offers solutions for repairing damaged turf.

After viewing a webinar, users can go to the GCSAA website, and fill out the GCSAA external education affidavit to receive 0.1 GCSAA Education Points.

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