GreenTrust Rewards

Earn more GreenTrust Rewards than ever. Every dollar spent on Qualifying Products in October earns triple points. Each dollar spent during the remaining Early Order Period earns one point. Plus, you can earn up to an additional 40,000 points through the Spotlight Brands Points Bonus, the Acelepryn®, the Secure®, and NEW Posterity® Brand Points Bonus.

GreenTrust Rewards

You can easily earn Rewards points throughout the Early Order Period.

To receive points, you must register for GreenTrust Rewards by September 30, 2019.


$1 spent = 3 points earned


$1 spent = 1 point earned

December 1 – December 7

$1 spent = 1 point earned

Spotlight Brand Points Bonus

Buy any combination of the following Spotlight Brand Products totaling $5,000 or more and you'll earn a one-time bonus of 20,000 GreenTrust Rewards points.


  • Daconil® Action + Heritage® Action Multipak
  • Daconil Action + Heritage Multipak
  • Divanem® + Heritage Action Multipak
  • Heritage Action + Secure® Multipak
  • Heritage Action + Velista® Multipak

Pallet Solutions

  • A2Z Solution
  • All Season Solution
  • Classic Solution
  • Fairway Action Solution
  • Fairway Starter Solution
  • Fairy Ring Solution
  • Greens Systemic Solution
  • Contend Winter Solution


  • Briskway® (1 gal)
  • Contend® A + Contend B Snow Pack
  • Headway® (1 gal)
  • Headway LinkPak (10 gal)
  • Heritage Action (1 lb)
  • Heritage Action (6 lb)
  • Heritage TL (1 gal)
  • Heritage TL LinkPak (10 gal)
  • Heritage WDG (1 lb)
  • Heritage WDG (6 lb)
  • Renown® (2.5 gal)

Acelepryn Insecticide Points Bonus

Buy at least 2 gallons of Acelepryn® insecticide or 1 ABW Solution or 1 Fairway Action Protector Solution and you'll earn a one-time bonus of 10,000 GreenTrust Rewards points.

Secure Brand Points Bonus

Buy at least $5,000 of Secure® or Secure Action fungicides (0.5 gallon, 2.5 gallon or the Heritage Action + Secure Multipak) or one pallet containing Secure (Contact Action Solution, Contact Solution, Dollar Spot Solution, Fairway Action Protector Solution, Greens Contact Solution) to receive a one-time offer of 10,000 GreenTrust Rewards points.

Posterity Brand Points Bonus

Purchase at least 2 cases of Posterity or one Dollar Spot Solution pallet and receive a one-time offer of 30,000 GreenTrust Rewards points.

Pallets and Multipaks eligible for multiple brand bonuses

  • The Dollar Spot Solution automatically Qualifies for both the Posterity Brand Points Bonus and the Secure Brand Points Bonus (40,000 Points).
  • The Fairway Action Protector Solution automatically Qualifies for both the Acelepryn Brand Points Bonus and the Secure Brand Points Bonus (20,000 Points).
  • The Heritage Action + Secure Multipak is eligible for both the Spotlight Brand Points Bonus and the Secure Brand Points bonus.

Qualifying Products

The $5,000 minimum order for receiving a yearlong rebate must be made on Qualifying Products.


Points Redemption

You can use your points to redeem a wide range of rewards from industry and non-industry partners. All points expire on November 15, 2019.

$5,000 in product purchases (in October) = 15,000 points = $150 Global Hotel gift card to be used on business travel

$15,000 in product purchases (in October) = GCSAA conference registration or a Class A membership

  • Applewood Seed Co.
  • Course Vision
  • GreenTrust Rewards Visa® Card
  • GCSAA Benefits
  • Retail Gift Cards
  • Wee One Foundation
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