Yearlong Rebates

Lock in a yearlong rebate by spending a minimum of $5,000 on Qualifying Products during the Early Order Period: October 1 to December 7, 2018. Your yearlong rebate is valid for all purchases of Qualifying Products made during the Program Year: October 1, 2018 to September 30, 2019. The more you order, the more you save—rebates can be as high as 10%.

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Savings Snapshot

Your yearlong rebate ranges from 5% up to 10%. This percentage is determined by the dollar value of Qualifying Products purchased during the Early Order Period.

Dollar Value of Qualifying Products purchased during the Early Order Period Yearlong Rebate Percentage
5,000 to < 10,000
10,000 to < 20,000
20,000 to < 40,000
40,000 to < 70,000
70,000 to < 100,000

Qualifying Products

The $5,000 minimum order for receiving a yearlong rebate must be made on Qualifying Products.

Redeeming Your Rebate

You can choose how to receive your rebates.

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Option 1 | Rebate Check

With this option, no registration is needed. You will receive two payments by mail. The first payment will arrive on or before September 30, 2019 for the purchases you made during the Early Order Period. The second payment will arrive on or before November 30, 2019 for the purchases you made after the Early Order Period through September 30, 2019.

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Option 2 | Credit with a Syngenta Authorized Distributor/Agent/Retailer

With this option, you must register by May 31, 2019 to receive your rebates as a credit with your Syngenta Authorized Distributor/Agent/Retailer. Registration does not carry over from year to year, so if you are a returning customer, you must renew your registration for the 2019 Program Year.


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Tools and Resources

Download PDFs with full program details including worksheets to calculate your total savings.

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