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Product Overview

Mainspring® insecticide uses a novel active ingredient to quickly control chewing and sucking pests such as leafminers, caterpillars and thrips.

Key Features

  • Brings a new class of chemistry in IRAC Group 28 to ornamental insect control. 
  • Quickly stops insect feeding after ingestion.
  • Compatible with many beneficial insects and mites.

Key Benefits

  • A powerful pest management tool that cuts product and labor costs associated with insecticide resistance.
  • Helps to quickly limit disease transmission and plant damage from insect pests to give growers peace of mind.
  • Ideal for use in integrated crop management programs.



Diamides Chemistry Presentation

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Download Supporting Mainspring Documents

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Mainspring Q&A(PDF)

Get answers to important questions on how to use Mainspring for best results.

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Mainspring Technical Bulletin(PDF)

Mainspring is a a novel insecticide that protects against a broad spectrum of chewing and sucking pests.