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Product Overview

The double agent for ornamental disease protection

Palladium® fungicide combines two active ingredients to provide contact and systemic activity. Effective on a wide range of foliar and stem diseases found in the nursery and greenhouse, including Botrytis, Rhizoctonia, powdery mildew and certain leaf-spotting and stem rot pathogens.

Key Features

  • Two modes of action and two active ingredients provide protection through systemic and contact activity
  • Contains cyprodinil, a mode of action unique for ornamentals 
  • Labeled for use in greenhouses and nurseries for multiple diseases, including many fungal leafspots and stem rots, Botrytis, Powdery mildew and more

Key Benefits

  • Provides preventive and curative disease control with 7-14 days of residual activity
  • Excellent tool for resistance management and rotational programs
  • Ideal control for a broad spectrum of diseases and crops including bedding plants, perennials, specialty annuals, foliage plants and woody ornamentals

Download Supporting Palladium Documents

20179312017720175522_Botrytis-Rotation-Program.jpg PDF
Botrytis Rotation Program(PDF)

Rotate fungicides to prevent Botrytis in the greenhouse or nursery.

2016227201691171353_Nursery-Brochure-Thumbnail.jpg PDF
Nursery Brochure(PDF)

Learn more about our vast portfolio of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides available for use in nurseries.

2017922201712717336_PalladiumInformationSheet.jpg PDF
Palladium Fungicide Information Sheet(PDF)

Palladium fungicide provides superior control of hard-to-control ornamental diseases.

20177612017411193846_Powdery-Mildew-JPEG.jpg PDF
Powdery Mildew Rotation Program(PDF)

Learn more about how to prevent powdery mildew in the greenhouse or nursery.




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