Avid 0.15 EC Insecticide | GreenCast | Syngenta

Product Overview

A standard insecticide/miticide for mite and leafminer control that is the top choice by growers

One of the most widely used miticides/insecticides for control of both mites and leafminers

Avid®, an industry-leading miticide/insecticide, controls mites and leafminers and provides suppression of aphids, thrips and whiteflies.

Key Features

  • Highly versatile
  • Broad-spectrum pest control
  • Translaminar movement

Key Benefits

  • Effective on both foliage and flowers and is an ideal product for a wide variety of application sites, resulting in less products to keep in inventory
  • Suppresses other key insect populations while controlling all key ornamental mites with fewer tank mixes
  • Rapid movement throughout the entire leaf provides longer protection and is well suited for use in Integrated Crop Management programs

Download Supporting Avid 0.15 EC Documents

20166782016219232553_AvidInformationSheet.jpg PDF
Avid Insecticide / Miticide Information Sheet(PDF)

An overview of Avid 0.15EC insecticide / miticide for insect control on ornamentals.

2016227201691171353_Nursery-Brochure-Thumbnail.jpg PDF
Nursery Brochure(PDF)

Learn more about our vast portfolio of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides available for use in nurseries.

20185402018219162910_ThripsSolutionGuide.jpg PDF
Thrips Solution Guide(PDF)

Learn more about controlling thrips in your operation.

2016178201632420148_Two-Spotted-Spider-Mite.jpg PDF
Two Spotted Spider Mite Solution Sheet(PDF)

Recommendations for controlling two-spotted spider mites on ornamental plants.

2018140201827164234_Whiteflysolution.jpg PDF
Whitefly Solutions Guide(PDF)

Learn more about preventing whitefly in your operation.