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Product Overview

Daconil Action may seem like magic, but the process of boosting the turf's natural defenses is very real.

What is different about Daconil Action?

Daconil® Action™ fungicide is a multi-site contact fungicide containing the most utilized active ingredient in turf: chlorothalonil, plus a "Turf Protein Booster" enhancing active ingredient Acibenzolar-S-methyl. Unlike traditional methods of disease control, this active ingredient is not a fungicide as it has no direct effect against pathogenic fungi and bacteria. Instead, it acts much like a vaccination. When applied, Acibenzolar-S-methyl triggers the natural defense response, or the Systemic Acquired Resistance (SAR), of the turfgrass by activating production of pathogenesis-related proteins (PR proteins). The PR protein boost awakens the turf's resistance to biotic and abiotic stresses like drought. In addition, this internal response within the plant enhances its own defense system against certain fungal and bacterial disease attacks. Thus, Acibenzolar-S-methyl bridges the gap between genetic resistance and conventional disease control by activating the plant's own natural defenses.

Daconil Action Protein Booster Diagram

Turn six applications into eight.

A FIFRA Section 2(ee) recommendation for a Daconil Action use rate of 1.6 - 2.0 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft.* allows for another 24 to 28 days of dollar spot control on fairways. That's 33 percent more than generic products. With this new lower application rate, you get an extra month of peace-of-mind regarding what's beneath your feet.

Key Features

  • Combines chlorothalonil with the Turf Protein Booster, acibenzolar-S-methyl
  • Helps turf defend itself naturally against pathogens and environmental stresses
  • Exhibits an additional unique mode of action, beyond chlorothalonil alone, which mimics the natural systemic activated resistance (SAR) response found in most plant species

Key Benefits

  • Enhanced control of dollar spot and anthracnose
  • Suppression of new diseases including Pythium blight and bacterial wilt*
  • Enhances turf health and increases tolerances to biotic and abiotic stressors like drought tolerance

This is what supeerintendents are saying about the turf boosting power of Daconil® Action™ fungicide:


"Last year, even in a severe weather system, we actually were able to manage the fairways so they were soft but not soft to a point where they lost their playability. Golf course playability was dramatically improved with Daconil Action."

Ryan Baldwin
Highland Golf and Country Club, Indianapolis, IN


"When it was 106°F I sprayed Daconil Action—the turf didn’t wilt, the plants were healthy. I had peace of mind that my greens were covered during summer stress times. I went to the lake, enjoyed my family and didn’t worry about it."

Josh Thompson
Glendarin Hills Golf Club, Angola, IN


“I’m able to push things farther and do more practices like double cutting and rolling with Daconil Action. It’s helped and I’m able to push the greens."

Ted White to Golfdom
Maketewah Country Club, Cincinnati, OH


"I like the dual action of Daconil Action. The chlorothalonil addressed dollar spot, which is a disease that we constantly battle in the summer; and the acibenzolar enhanced turf quality, which meant a healthy, dense stand of turf with good color."

Tim Cunningham
Youngstown Country Club, Youngstown, OH


"We usually get a huge dollar spot outbreak in early fall. But the incidence of dollar spot on fairways that had been treated earlier with Daconil Action was 60% to 70% less than the non-treated fairways. Disease control was excellent."

Mark Conner
Fairlawn Country Club, Akron, OH


"On the fairways where we used Daconil Action, we saw a healthier stand of grass than on the adjacent fairways that were under our normal spray program. Daconil Action provided heat and stress tolerance that other products didn’t. The turf had better color and showed less stress."

Bill Prest
Sweetbriar Golf & Pro Shop, Avon Lake, OH


"The protein boost of Daconil Action didn’t mean anything to me until I tried it. I definitely saw results. It improved the turf color right away. It’s a unique benefit."

Barry Bollinger
Rich Valley Golf, Mechanicsburg, PA


"I'm very, very satisfied with the use of Daconil Action since I've been using it. I would call it one of my go-to products—one of the products I would keep on the shelf and use throughout the year, not just one particular time of year. The protein boost allows you to keep the rates low and improve the health of the turfgrass at the same time."

David Dore-Smith
Copperleaf Golf Club, Bonita Springs, FL


Download Supporting Daconil Action Documents

201560520151117173843_Acibenzolar.jpg PDF
Acibenzolar Water Conservation Study(PDF)

This study evaluates plant performance in water stress conditions.

20168492016712213637_daconil-action-brochure.jpg PDF
Daconil Action Fungicide Brochure(PDF)

Reinforce your defenses with Daconil Action fungicide

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Golf Portfolio Brochure(PDF)

See how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on golf courses.

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Lawn Portfolio Brochure(PDF)

Download this brochure to see how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on your customers’ lawns.

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Sports Turf Brochure(PDF)

See how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on athletic fields.

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Tank Mixing Products(PDF)

Tank Mixing Tips and Procedures




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