Purchase now to prepare for your snow mold prevention program

By Matt Giese, M.S., technical services manager for Syngenta

Planning now to protect your golf course from pink and gray snow mold can pay big dividends next spring. Snow mold can cause substantial damage to greens, tees and fairways and may interfere with your course schedule next spring. Don’t compromise: apply a preventive fungicide this fall to ensure rounds of play will not be affected.

Snow mold can thrive:

  • In temperatures between 32-40° F with extended leaf wetness
  • Both with and without snow cover
  • When turf is covered with dead debris or has excessive thatch
  • With heavy late-season applications of nitrogen (more than 0.5 lb./M)

Shield your turf from Old Man Winter with the Syngenta GreenTrust® 365 Snow Mold Assurance Program. Instrata® fungicide is assured for up to 130 days of pink and gray snow mold protection when applied on greens and fairways at a rate of 9.0 to 11.0 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. The three active ingredients in Instrata also suppress spring disease pressure, such as anthracnose, providing manageable disease control for the year following application.

You can also get up to 110 days of snow mold control on fairways with Contend® fungicide. Contend contains four active ingredients and is approved for up to two applications per year to help provide protection against both pink and gray snow mold. Contend and Instrata are available together as part of the Contend Winter Solution Pallet to help you prepare for winter and safeguard your tees, fairways and greens for a timely spring opening.

Purchase enough Contend during EOP to protect yourself next spring. Plus, with SummerPay™, you can buy now and defer payment until June 20, 2023 on purchases of Contend, Instrata and the Contend Winter Solution Pallet.

Consider adding a fall clean-up application of Secure® Action™ or Posterity® XT fungicides to curb any lingering summer diseases prior to your snow mold application. Healthy turf heading into winter has a greater chance for quicker green-up and recovery in the spring.

For more information about snow mold prevention, visit GreenTrust365.com/Pallets or watch this webinar presented by Syngenta on GCSAAtv.

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