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Turf Fitness

Program Essentials

Condition and strengthen turf to perform like an athlete and recover quickly from stress. Select a Syngenta solution below to view key benefits that enhance a solid agronomic program. See a complete list of solutions here.


Provides a greener color through a uniquely pigmented formula designed to increase stress tolerance and improve turf quality. Formulated to mix with Daconil Action™ fungicide to protect plants and enhance aesthetics.

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No heat restrictions

Combines a DMI active ingredient that is safe to apply during stress with azoxystrobin, which work together at a calculated rate that performs in high temperatures without growth regulation, thinning or phytotoxicity.

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3 modes of action

Modes of action spanning three FRAC groups provide extended snow mold control at multiple stages of disease development.

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Delivers enhanced control of dollar spot and anthracnose and suppresses Pythium blight and bacterial wilt by stimulating the plant’s natural defense against pathogens.

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Azoxystrobin increases water use efficiency while acibenzolar-s-methyl (ASM) activates plant proteins that prevent dehydration and increase photosynthesis. ASM also regulates plant’s stomata, or pores, to control water vapor release and enhance drought tolerance.

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Leading snow mold control

Combines three active ingredients with multiple modes of action proven to control numerous pathogens on greens and fairways that cause snow mold.

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Ultimate resistance management

Contains a unique mode of action that carries a low resistance risk and controls dollar spot strains resistant to other chemistries.

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Controls top 5 key diseases

Controls the top five diseases in golf: anthracnose, dollar spot, brown patch, fairy ring and summer patch to deliver excellent control of summer stress diseases on greens.

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Surface and sub-surface feeders

Broad-spectrum control of white grubs as well as billbugs, annual bluegrass weevil (ABW), turf caterpillars and more. Cornerstone for an ABW control program.

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Defends roots from nematode damage, which leads to enhanced root quality and mass for healthier, stronger turf that absorbs nutrients more effectively.

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Slows turf growth and improves turf quality by inhibiting the plant hormone responsible for cell elongation. This leads to more compact cells and higher chlorophyll content for enhanced photosynthetic activity.

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Important: Always read and follow label instructions


Experience the Action

The Action™ brand products are powered by fungicide active ingredients and strengthened with a boost of acibenzolar-S-methyl (ASM) to protect turf from stress.

Travel inside a turf plant to see how ASM enhances turf quality while providing enhanced disease control and abiotic benefits including improved drought tolerance and increased heat tolerance.

Enhanced Disease Control
Increased Heat Tolerance
Improved Drought Tolerance

Agronomic Programs

To perform at the highest level, athletes follow training regimes including proper nutrition, hydration, strength training and more. Similarly, achieving exceptional turf quality requires planning ahead with a prescriptive agronomic program. Syngenta offers nearly 50 programs to help you plan appropriately for the season ahead.

The interactive agronomic programs tool helps you search for the program best fit for your turf type and region. Watch the video above to see a sample agronomic program selection.

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"With our program, membership, ownership and the golf teams are extremely happy to have a place to practice regularly in similar conditions to what they would see day-to-day at a tournament venue."

Tyler Andersen
University of Texas Golf Club Austin, TX
Personal Fitness

Syngenta understands the daily stress in managing your course. Prepare yourself to withstand stress with proper exercise and personal wellness using the mobile apps below, and by following #ConditionPerformRecover on Twitter.

Prepare your body to withstand the stress of daily life with proper exercise and overall wellness using the mobile apps below.

Couch to 5K Couch to 5K
Provides three weekly workouts in eight-week programs. (Free; iOS and Android)
Freeletics Freeletics
Offers more than 900 10-30-minute workouts. (Free; iOS and Android)

Fitocracy Fitocracy
Works with expert trainers to help reach fitness goals. (Free; iOS and Android)
Calorie Counter and Food Diary Calorie Counter and Food Diary
Plans meals, counts calories and makes exercising and nutrition simpler. (Free; iOS and Android)

Test and enhance your performance by pushing your fitness goals. Use the apps below to track your progress, discover local events and find areas to be active.

Active Active
Finds local activities as well as health and fitness articles. (Free; iOS and Android)
Charity Miles Charity Miles
Helps earn money for charities when users run, walk or bicycle. (Free with optional in-app purchases; iOS and Android)

Map My Run Map My Run
Tracks robust workout summaries that users can save and share. (Free; iOS and Android)
Yonder Yonder
Suggests local hiking, biking, kayaking and skiing areas. (Free; iOS and Android)

Strava Running and Cycling Strava Running and Cycling
Tracks distance, calories burned and more for runs and cycle rides. (Free with optional in-app purchases; iOS and Android)
EPA SunWise UV Index EPA SunWise UV Index
Helps protect skin by tracking UV intensity before performance outdoors. (Free; iOS and Android). Also, help prevent skin cancer from daily sun exposure by visiting a screening location near you .

Proper recovery is one of the most important, but often overlooked, parts of a fitness regimen. Check out these apps to help your body recover from stress so you can perform at your best time after time.

Stretching Sworkit Stretching Sworkit
Increase flexibility with free stretching workouts to improve flexibility and avoid injury. (Free; iOS and Android)
Waterlogged Waterlogged
Creates charts and reminders to keep you hydrated. (Free; iOS and Android)

Fooducate Fooducate
Tracks food, activity, sleep and mood to help users achieve and maintain nutrition goals. (Free; iOS and Android)
Daily Yoga Daily Yoga
Offers 100 multi-level yoga and meditation classes. (Free; iOS and Android)

Elite HRV Elite HRV
Uses algorithms to help optimize performance and minimize stress by monitoring heart rates. (Free; iOS and Android)
Yoga For Golfers Yoga For Golfers®
Delivers results for golfers. Watch free yoga video tips for golfers and find an instructor near you.
Turf Fitness News

"We're using Divanem to control lance and root-knot nematodes and with its continued use have seen a reduction in nematode counts of up to 40 percent," says Kevin Frost, CGCS, at BallenIsles Country Club in Palm Beach Gardens, Fla.

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"The combined application of Daconil Action and Velista, as well as Heritage Action and Velista in the final stretch of the summer, was a true test for our greens," says Todd Kochanowski, superintendent at Temecula Creek Inn in Temecula, Calif.

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