#TurfInsights | GreenCast | Syngenta

Using the Max Rate for Primo Maxx

Hear from our tech team about the max rates of Primo Maxx and how your turf is likely to respond. For more information check out the rate sheet, which can be found here: http://ow.ly/babK30quMxq.

Lessening Turf Stress for Quick Recovery

Learn what you can do to lessen the stress on turf and still get conditions back relatively easily once golfers are allowed back.

Timing Turf Treatments Around Aerification

If you're planning on aerifying your turf soon, watch this video for recommendations from @lanetredway on treatment timings around aerification. For more about controlling nematodes, visit Nematode Knowledge.

The Best Combination Sprays for Spring 2020

Advice on the best combination sprays to be using right now from Mike Agnew (Northeast), Matt Giese (Midwest), Dean Mosdell (West) and Lane Treadway (Southeast). To sign up for soil temperature alerts and more, visit: http://ow.ly/8d1830qv5Rv.

How to Mitigate Bronzing in Turfgrass

Syngenta Technical Services Manager Dean Mosdell offers advice on steps you can take to help prevent bronzing in turf.

Applying Trimmit 2CS Before a Frost

Learn more about the risks of applying Trimmit® 2CS plant growth regulator in the spring when there are concerns about heavy frosts. For additional support be sure to visit http://ow.ly/7uWa30qwCz0.

Tips for Controlling Fire Ants with a Limited Team

Discover the steps you can take to tackle a fire ant infestation with limited resources.

Taking Preventative Steps Against Ant Infestations

Hear from Lane Tredway on what steps you can take to prevent stubborn ant infestations on your golf course. For additional support and agronomic tips be sure to visit http://ow.ly/oROn30qApyq.

Using Advion Insect Granule as a Spot Treatment Against Mole Crickets

Learn from Lane Tredway how you can use Advion insect granule can supplement mole cricket treatments. To learn more visit http://ow.ly/i5Ec30qApmP.

What to Expect When Switching to Provaunt Insecticide

When trying to handle a tricky mole cricket infestation, timing will be key when resources are limited. For more information visit http://ow.ly/E4gA30qAp0x.

Turf Tips for Current Conditions

All four members of the Syngenta Field Technical Team provided #TurfInsights to golf course superintendents across the country on a variety of topics, including getting the most out of your PGR program, controlling nematodes and digital tools to stay ahead of pests.