Now is the best time to prepare for the spring. The Syngenta technical services team has expert tips on getting ready now and saving on the products you need for the season during EOP. Plus, read up on tips for grub control and effective tank mixtures.  

Common tank mixtures for effective weed control


By Dean Mosdell, Ph.D., technical services manager for Syngenta

Barricade® herbicide is effective on grass weeds and small-seeded dicot weeds prior to germination. However, tank mixtures are required to control perennial dicots weeds and annual grasses plus dicots post-germination.  .

Efficiently service your lawn accounts with Multipak solutions 

Syngenta offers convenient Multipaks that provide you with leading products while saving up to 15%. Be sure to purchase during the GreenTrust® 365 Early Order Period and you can save up to 26%. Multipaks combine complementary products that are proven to be effective when used in a program to help you save time and money.

The top 5 reasons LCOs turn to Acelepryn insecticide for grub control

By Matt Giese, M.S., technical services manager for Syngenta 

Pest-free turf is the first step to healthier lawn, so ensuring your customers see results is vital. Acelepryn® insecticide offers season-long control of grubs that can help you reduce callbacks from homeowners. Here are the top 5 reasons lawn care operators choose Acelepryn.

Order now and save with GreenTrust 365

With the GreenTrust 365 Lawn and Landscape program, you can save on a broad portfolio of products and maximize your potential profitability when you order by Feb. 28, 2022. See just a few benefits that make GreenTrust 365 the best value of the year.

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