Grub control with Acelepryn

By Matt Giese, M.S., technical services manager for Syngenta

Pest-free turf is the first step to healthier lawn, so ensuring your customers see results is vital. Acelepryn® insecticide offers season-long control of grubs that can help you reduce callbacks from homeowners. Here are the top reasons lawn care operators (LCOs) choose Acelepryn:

  1. Proven results
    With Acelepryn, you can see incredible results against grubs. 98% of surveyed LCOs reported that they find Acelepryn to be a highly effective product.1 When it comes to reducing breakthroughs, 69% of surveyed LCOs said they saw notable improvement.1 Overall, LCOs reported that Acelepryn exceeded their expectations compared to the insecticide they used before.1

    See what other LCOs across the country are saying about their experience using Acelepryn:

  2. Guaranteed results
    The NEW Acelepryn Grub, Billbug and Caterpillar Prevention Guarantee is the leading, longest-lasting control option within the lawn care market. While grubs and turf caterpillars can severely damage lawns if proper preventive action is not taken, following this GreenTrust® 365 guarantee program will help ensure season-long protection at low use rates.

  3. No adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms
    Acelepryn has shown no adverse effects on non-target organisms and is the only diamide that does not harm bees and pollinators. Many homeowners are concerned about the health of pollinators and other non-target organisms. In fact, 92% of LCOs reported it was important to them/their customers that Acelepryn has no signal word and no adverse effects on beneficial and non-target organisms including honeybees.1

  4. Easy to apply – no need to water in
    Because it doesn’t need to be watered in, Acelepryn offers a flexible timing window. You can apply as early as April and May and have the peace of mind that your customers lawns will be protected through the season. See the rates below for optimal control or download the rate card.

    Turf applications (Acelepryn coverage by rate for turf)

    Acelepryn rate Rate per 100 sq. ft.Coverage area per container

    2 fl. oz./A 

    0.045 fl. oz. (~1/3 tsp.)

    87,120 sq. ft

    4 fl. oz./A

    0.09 fl. oz. (~1/2 tsp.)

    43, 650 sq. ft.

    Recommended for grubs

    8 fl. oz./A

    0.18 f. oz. (~1 tsp.)

    21,780 sq. ft.

    12 fl. oz./A

    0.27 fl. oz. (~1 2/3 tsp).

    14, 520 sq. ft.

  5. Provides control beyond just grubs
    In addition to grub control, Acelepryn also provides protection against insects like billbugs and turf caterpillars, like fall armyworm, which caused substantial damage to parts of the country this year.

  6. Flexible financial solutions
    If you’re looking to make purchases now, members can defer payment until late June with GreenTrust® 365 SummerPay™ terms. This means you can use Acelepryn for grub control between April and mid-June and choose to pay any time before July. Plus, when you purchase 10 gallons or more, Syngenta offers a volume discount. For more details contact your local Syngenta manager.

Additionally, Acelepryn is also available in a 4 oz. bottle size, which is perfect for smaller lawns.


For more information visit or contact your local Syngenta territory manager.

1Source: 2021 TechValidate Survey (n= 527 Acelepryn users)

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