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Our commitment to the industry goes far deeper than the products we manufacture. We take great pride in empowering lawn & landscape professionals and their respective industries.

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Product Solutions

Application flexibility for more than 20 turfgrass diseases.

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Fast-acting, effective fire ant bait.

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Systemic control of pests and disease on turfgrass including residential, commercial, golf courses and athletic fields.

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Denser, healthier turf to withstand turf stress.

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Prevent weeds season long with a single application.

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Highly active herbicide that controls mature, grassy weeds in certain warm-season grasses with outstanding turf safety.

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Provides pre and post emerge weed control, even at seeding.

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Lawn & Landscape Tips / News

November 9, 2018

Take your business to the next level with GreenTrust 365
With the GreenTrust® 365 Lawn and Landscape program, you can save on a broad portfolio of products and maximize your profitability when you order by Feb. 28, 2019. Read More ›

September 12, 2018

Rest Easy with Syngenta Assurance Programs
Syngenta invests more than $3.5 million a day in research and development to ensure product performance is never compromised. Furthermore, you have access to a robust team of agronomic experts, inclu... Read More ›

August 13, 2018

Don't Let Your Guard Down Against Fire Ants This Fall
Fire ant activity often peaks in the late summer and fall, when soil temperature and moisture are more moderate and conducive to their activity on the surface. Read More ›

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