Efficiently service your lawn accounts with Multipak solutions

Syngenta offers convenient Multipaks that provide you with leading products while saving up to 15%. Multipaks combine complementary products that are proven to be effective when used in a program to help you save time and money. Plus, purchase during the GreenTrust® 365 Early Order Period and you can save up to 26%

For your accounts, consider the following Multipaks: 

  • Daconil® Action™ + Banner Maxx® II fungicides Multipak 
    • Contains:
      • 1 – 2.5 gal. Daconil Action 
      • 1 – 1 gal. Banner Maxx 
    • Offers enhanced control of dollar spot and anthracnose 
    • 10% savings
  • Daconil Action + Heritage® Action fungicides Multipak 
    • Contains: 
      • 1 – 2.5 gal. Daconil Action 
      • 2 – 1 lb. Heritage Action 
    • Protect turf from abiotic stresses like heat and drought while controlling diseases like dollar spot, anthracnose and Pythium blight 
    • 14% savings 
  • Velista® + Heritage Action fungicides Multipak 
    • Contains: 
      • 3 – 22 oz. Velista 
      • 3 – 1 lb. Heritage Action 
    • Get broad-spectrum control of diseases like fairy ring and brown ring patch 
    • 10% savings 
  • Primo Maxx® + Trimmit® 2SC plant growth regulator (PGR) Multipak 
    • Contains: 
      • 1 – 1 gal. Primo Maxx 
      • 1 – 1 gal. Trimmit 2SC 
    • This PGR combination promotes healthier, denser turf   
    • 15% savings 
Earn an additional 2% rebate on qualifying purchases through Dec. 8, 2023 with the GT Bonus Booster.  

To learn more about Syngenta Multipaks, visit GreenTrust365.com/Multipaks or contact your local territory manager

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