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The key to successful ABW control is not only choosing the best products — it’s equally important to use them at the right time. Missing an opportunity to control ABW early in the spring often means dealing with them all summer long.

By registering for Weevil Trak, you will:

  • Receive up-to-date emails on ABW stage progression near your course
  • Be guided with proven research through the Syngenta Optimum Control Strategy, which now includes Ference.
  • Receive access to the new WeevilTrak Blog featuring live updates from independent researchers in the field. The researchers will assist with timing and scouting of the 2nd and 3rd generation of ABW in your area.
  • Benefit from season-long ABW monitoring
  • Have access to the knowledge of 9 independent researchers and 32 golf course superintendents monitoring ABW across the Northeast
  • Have access to the knowledge of 7 independent researchers and 38 golf course superintendents specializing and monitoring ABW across the Northeast

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