Which Acelepryn brand is right for you?

Acelepryn® insecticide set the standard for season-long grub control and more. Compare with Acelepryn Xtra insecticide to see which brand is best for your operation.

Active ingredient(s)





Optimized for turf

Optimized for turf

Season-long control with a single application

Grubs, including early curative


Caterpillars (90+ days)*

Widest application window

* 90+ days at 20 fl. oz./A

( 20 fl. oz. of Acelepryn Xtra = 10 fl. oz. of Acelepryn + 16.7 oz. of Meridian®️ 25WG insecticide)



Caterpillars (120 days)*

Wide application window

* 90+ days at 8 fl. oz./A or 120 days at 12 fl. oz./A

Unique pest spectrum


Chinch bugs (guaranteed control of southern chinch bugs)

Mole crickets (suppression only)

Annual bluegrass weevils

Chinch bugs (suppression only)

Use sites

Golf courses

Lawns and landscapes

Golf course ornamentals

Sports turf

Golf courses

Lawns and landscapes

Golf course ornamentals

Sod production

Sports turf

Pollinator safety

✔ (no signal word)

Volume discount

10% on 25 gallons or more

10% on 10 gallons or more


2.5-gal. jug

30-fl. oz. bottle

0.5-gal. jug

4-fl. oz. bottle

Granular: 25-lb. bag

Available on fertilizer*

* On-fertilizer purchases through May 31, 2024 qualify as an Early Order Period purchase




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