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Dollar Spot Alerts    View Dollar Spot tool >

Research behind the Smith-Kerns model shows that dollar spot symptoms can be prevented if turf is treated with a solid dollar spot management program before or when the risk reaches a 20% threshold, and applications continue through the season.

Sign up to be automatically notified of the dollar spot risk in your area.

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You will begin receiving alerts once the dollar spot risk percentage reaches 20% in your area.

WeevilTrak alerts require a full GreenCast account registration.
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WeevilTrak Alerts    Visit WeevilTrak.com >

WeevilTrak allows you to track annual bluegrass weevil in your area at each stage and receive automated treatment recommendations from our experienced researchers. Sign up to be automatically notified of ABW stage updates in your area.

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Soil Temperature Alerts    View current soil temperatures >

Pest Specific Soil Temperature Alerts

Since certain pests thrive in certain soil temperatures, having that information can really help you stay ahead of the game. Below are 8 pests that can be monitored by soil temperature. Select the pest(s) that you would like to receive alerts for when the target soil conditions exist in your area:

Spring Pests (cycle starts on January 1)

Spring and Fall Pests (Spring cycle starts on January 1, Fall cycle starts on July 1)

Fall Pests (cycle starts on July 1)

Temperature-Based Alerts

Already know the soil temperature that you want to monitor? Enter it below to receive an alert when the soil temperature averages at or above that value for 5 days in your area. You may create up to 5 temperature-based alerts:

Growing Degree Day Alerts    View current degree day information >

Sign-up for email alerts based on targeted weather monitoring to find out when your course has reached its growing degree day threshold for plants & pests. This information can help you stay on track with your applications based on changing weather patterns and pest development, and also to monitor application intervals for growth suppression with plant growth regulators.

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Cooling Degree Day Alerts

Cooling Degree Days (CDDs) measure the accumulation of cooling below a set air temperature threshold. Research from the University of Tennessee shows that monitoring CDDs can enhance the efficacy of herbicide applications to control dallisgrass. This model begins accumulating CDDs below 72° F on August 1. Although CDD ranges may vary by herbicide selection, research shows that the ideal CDD range for fall applications to control dallisgrass is 10 – 225 CDD 72° F. Sign up below to receive email and/or text alerts when target CDD thresholds are met in your area.

Pest Specific Alerts

These alerts will help you time fall herbicide applications to control dallisgrass. Based on CDD accumulation, you will be alerted when conditions are optimal for controlling dallisgrass.

Customized Threshold Based Alerts

Select a target threshold below to receive an alert when the CDDs reach that value in your area. You may create up to five alerts. The recommended range for monitoring dallisgrass is 10 – 225 CDD 72° F. You may create up to 5 alerts:

Turf Growth Alerts

Our turf growth models combine user-provided information with weather and soil data to provide past, current, and projected turf growth stage information. Knowing this information can be helpful in timing large patch applications in the spring and spring dead spot applications in the fall.

Sign-up to get automated alerts for estimated transitions from dormancy to active and from active to dormancy based on your location and turf type. You will receive a total of 4 alerts annually.

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