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The control you need in the size you want

Small packaging sizes of select professional lawn and ornamentals products provide the control you need for jobs of all sizes.

  • Order only what you need
  • Expand your services
  • Increase revenue and stay competitive


Acelepryn® Insecticide

Acelepryn® Insecticide

4 oz. bottle

0.18 oz./1,000 ft.2 covers 21,780 ft.2

0.09 oz./1,000 ft.2 covers 43,560 ft.2

  • Provides long-lasting control of grubs, billbugs, turf caterpillars and more on turf and landscape ornamentals
  • Shows no adverse effects on beneficial, non-target organisms like honey bees1
  • Exceeds expectations of 94% of surveyed lawn care companies2


Tenacity® Herbicide

8 oz. bottle

1 tsp. in 2 gal. of water covers up to 93,000 ft.2

  • Provides pre- and post-emergent control of difficult weeds
  • Controls more than 46 broadleaf weed and grass species
  • Unlike most herbicides, it can be applied at seeding for a weed-free lawn

Tenacity in Action

Barricade® 4FL Herbicide

4 oz. bottle

0.73 oz./1,000 ft.2 covers 5,479 ft.2

0.375 oz./1,000 ft.2 covers 10,810 ft.2

  • Controls more than 30 weeds in a broad range of use sites
  • Offers guaranteed long-lasting, pre-emergent weed control with one application
  • Controls weeds by preventing growth and development of newly germinated weeds


Heritage® SC Fungicide

4 oz. bottle

0.8 oz./1,000 ft.2 covers 5,000 ft.2

0.4 oz./1,000 ft.2 covers 10,000 ft.2

  • Controls more than 25 soil-borne and foliar turf diseases, as well as more than 30 ornamental diseases
  • Protects turf from diseases like leaf spot, brown patch, gray leaf spot and more for up to 28 days
  • Systemically moves through the plant to protect new growth

Heritage in Action

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Primo Maxx® Plant Growth Regulator

4 oz. bottle

0.75 oz. rate covers 5,333 ft.2

0.25 oz. rate covers 16,000 ft.2

  • Provides denser turf that's better equipped to stand up to stressors
  • Reduces mowing frequency, water use and improve drought tolerance
  • Slows vertical plant growth while stimulating below-ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers and roots