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Syngenta Business Institute 2020 Goes Virtual

In what has been a challenging year, we have seen so many superintendents grow, innovate, and keep moving forward. To continue to be a part of that growth, Syngenta has worked closely with the Wake Forest University School of Business to evolve the Syngenta Business Institute℠ (SBI) to safely provide 8 hours of higher education virtually.

The annual program will be hosted as 2-hour daily sessions via Zoom, Dec. 7-11, 2020. The curriculum will cover:

  • Work/life balance
  • Negotiations
  • Tools for managing employees
  • Leading across cultures and generations

Applications for SBI 2020 are now closed.

Accepted participants will be notified in October.

To participate, accepted attendees must have access to Zoom meetings including proper video chat capabilities and internet access during the designated session times. Test your capabilities here.

Check out reviews from past Syngenta Business Institute participants:

"The value of SBI is so great. I’ve attended a lot of continuing education seminars, and this was definitely the most impactful post-college educational activity I’ve ever been able to participate in. From a financial perspective, I’ve never been able to learn about financials from educators. It’s a little different. The information was easier to digest. It’s superior to other experiences that I’ve had. I can’t compare this to anything else I’ve done. The amount of personal reflection that I’ve experienced from SBI has only just begun. If you’re willing to challenge yourself and do the personal reflection, you’d be absolutely crazy not to apply."

Thomas Slevin, SBI class of 2019

"Syngenta really owns this education space. It’s an impressive commitment to their support of individual superintendents and relationship building. There is a long history of superintendents seeking agronomic information, but surprisingly there’s less enthusiasm for business education. But if you open your horizons, you’d be surprised at how useful these events are. They are very worthwhile."

Chris Carson, SBI class of 2019

"SBI is the most comprehensive event that I have attended. There is a greater business value than just the curriculum. It is the relationships you make and strategies you learn from other superintendents. We talk turf sure, but most of the conversation is not centered around that. Instead, the discussions about the intangibles of our profession are what really matter."

Kevin Mark, SBI class of 2019

"Peer interface is the glue that holds our industry together. SBI is a tremendous opportunity to share ideas about the problems we are all facing. I was super excited to come to SBI for months. It was more than I expected. The program is right on the money. Whether it is negotiating, finances or navigating cultural differences, they all hit home. If you care anything at all about your professional development as a superintendent, there’s no better place to come than SBI. Take the time to put some thought into your application and discover SBI for yourself."

John Gold, SBI class of 2019