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Featured Products:

Heritage Action

Hybrid technology for enhanced biotic and abiotic stress management.

Secure Action

Multi-site contact protection now with increased disease control and improved abiotic stress management.


Broadest spectrum and only SDHI labeled for anthracnose in the golf market.

Featured Products:

Advion Fire Ant Bait

Fast-acting, effective fire ant bait.

Caravan G

Systemic control of pests and disease on turfgrass including residential, commercial, golf courses and athletic fields.


Get to the root of parasitic turf nematodes with Divanem® nematicide.

Featured Products:

Primo Maxx

Denser, healthier turf to withstand turf stress.

Trimmit 2SC

Slows grass growth and suppresses Poa.

Featured Products:


Highly active herbicide that controls mature, grassy weeds in certain warm-season grasses with outstanding turf safety.


Provides pre and post emerge weed control, even at seeding.