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Postiva Fungicide

View this module to learn how Postiva fungicide provides long-lasting protection against the most challenging ornamental diseases with two modes of action.

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Mainspring® GNL Insecticide

View this module to learn how Mainspring GNL offers a unique mode of action delivering extended protection across a broad range of chewing and sucking pests.

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Mural® Fungicide

Learn how Mural fungicide focuses on the bigger picture of disease control by protecting ornamental crops and vegetable plants from the widest range of root and foliar diseases.

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Segovis® Fungicide

Learn how Segovis controls downy mildew and Phytophthora diseases in greenhouse and nursery crops.

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Divanem® Nematicide

View this module to learn how Divanem delivers excellent turf quality through proven, broad-spectrum control of sting, root-knot, lance, spiral and Anguina nematodes.

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Heritage Action™ Fungicide

Learn about the hybrid technology of Heritage Action fungicide that helps plants better manage biotic and abiotic stress.

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