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Summer's Pastime: Poa annua Management

As we approach the midpoint of summer, annual bluegrass (Poa annua) management becomes more challenging.

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When Summer Drought is Not Drought

Drought symptoms are common through the summer. Lack of moisture is a common problem in many turf situations. However, often in turf drought symptoms are not always caused by a lack of moisture.

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What is this # Thing and How Do I Use It?

Hashtags have permeated popular culture over the last several years. But even now, hashtags remain largely misunderstood by the masses. Most often, they are used to add tone or humor to a tweet, and while they may accomplish jus...

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April showers Brings May Flowers...

Not considered as beautiful as an ornamental flowering, maximum flowering of Annual bluegrass occurs in May

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May Mid-Atlantic Regional Update

The unseasonably cold days that can often plague April in the mid-Atlantic have for the most part moved on and we are starting to see a steady increase in daytime temperatures, as well as some now unseasonably warm weather mixed ...

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Aphids in the southwest

Over the past few weeks, growers have seen numerous aphid infestations in greenhouse and nursery crops including zinnias, snapdragons, calibrachoa, Rhaphiolepis and Lagerstroemia. One grower commented that his crops are more heav...

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Mid-Atlantic Regional Update

The winter to spring transition in the mid-Atlantic is always sure to provide some interesting and often frustrating weather scenarios, providing several challenges to even the most seasoned turf managers. If you enjoy Scotland a...

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Coming soon to the Northeast… Annual Bluegrass Weevil

In the northeast spring's arrival starts the annual bluegrass weevil season.

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Filling in Your Own Blanks

In my previous life as a superintendent, faced with the uncertainty of winterkill recovery, someone once came into my office and told me, "If you don't provide the information, someone else will fill in the blanks for you."

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