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As a GreenTrust® As a GreenTrust® 365 Purchase Program Participant, you can receive your program rebate either in the form of a check made out to your company, or as a credit in your company’s name to your Syngenta Authorized Distributor / Agent / Retailer. The default is to issue your rebate by check. However, you can choose the credit option by checking the box below. You must register for this option by May 31, 2019 in order to be eligible for a credit to your Syngenta Authorized Distributor / Agent / Retailer.

Rebates earned from purchases made during the Early Order Period will be paid by September 30, 2019. Rebates earned from purchases made after the Early Order Period through September 30, 2019 will be paid by November 30, 2019.

Note: If you made purchases from more than one Authorized Distributor/Agent/Retailer, and you elect to have your GreenTrust 365 rebate issued as a credit to your Authorized Distributor/Agent/Retailer, the credit will be allocated according to the percentage of Program Purchases made from each Authorized Distributor/Agent/Retailer. Even if you elected to receive the distributor credit in prior Program Years, this is an election that must be renewed each year, and is not carried over from year to year.

If you would like to review the structure and terms of the GreenTrust 365 Purchase Program, you may view the program at