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Advion Insect Granule Insecticide

Product Overview

Highly active. Highly effective.

Turf pests have met their match with Advion® insect granule. It contains the active ingredient, indoxacarb, in a formulation that is highly attractive to house crickets, field crickets, cockroaches, silverfish and nuisance ants. Used as a rescue/curative treatment, applications of Advion insect granule made in the late summer and fall can control large mole cricket nymphs and newly emerged adults, which are destructive pests on golf courses.

Advion insect granule is effective when used outdoors as a broadcast, perimeter or boundary treatment in residential and commercial landscaped areas, golf courses, parks, recreational areas and sports and/or athletic fields. Its non-repellent, low-odor formulation is designed to thoroughly control insect pests in heavily mulched areas. Plus, the active ingredient in Advion insect granule is highly effective on target insect pests for efficient control with minimal impact on non-target insect species—so you can take care of the problem insect pests while taking care of your surroundings.

Used indoors, Advion insect granule can be applied to attractive harborage areas for many perimeter pests such as attics, basements and crawl spaces.

Key Features

  • Effective on hard-to-control late-stage nymphs and adult mole crickets
  • Quickly controls a wide range of common insect pests including cockroaches, earwigs, and house crickets -- indoors and outdoors
  • Differentiating mode of action allows the active ingredient to effectively differentiate between target insects and non-target organisms
  • Optimal granule size (between 0.42 mm – 2.0 mm) makes Advion insect granule appealing for all labeled pests

Key Benefits

  • Provides curative control for hard-to-control late-stage nymphs and adult mole crickets
  • Produces fast results on house crickets, cockroaches, silverfish and nuisance ants
  • Features a broad range of application use sites with minimal impact on non-target organisms
  • Variable granule sizes make the product effective, even in heavily mulched/landscaped areas



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