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Product Overview

Effective and Efficient Broad-Spectrum Disease Control

Concert® II fungicide provides golf course superintendents with preventive disease control on greens, fairways and roughs. Using a proprietary blend of the active ingredients from Banner MAXX® II and Daconil® it is an important component of spray programs for cool-season grasses.

Key Features

  • Protects against more than13 diseases, including snow mold (gray and pink), stem rust, anthracnose, dollar spot, gray leaf spot and brown patch
  • Provides superior resistance against dollar spot with both contact and systemic activity

Key Benefits

  • Offers preventive disease control at efficient rates and cost making it particularly useful, versatile and economical to treat fairways, roughs and greens
  • Contains multi-site mode of action enabling product to be used to delay or prevent the development of resistance to single-site fungicides
  • Helps reduce human application error with no tank mixing requirements



Gray Leaf Spot Management

The development of gray leaf spot in the transition and northern climates has changed the management of perennial ryegrass forever. Perennial ryegrass was first adopted by turfgrass managers because of the better tolerance to fairway and tee mowing heights versus Kentucky bluegrass.  Read more »


Keeping Your Course up to Par: Dollar Spot and Anthracnose Resistance Management

Even though dollar spot was discovered in the 1920's and anthracnose appeared on golf courses prior to the 1970's, effective treatment is still a challenge for golf course superintendents. Treating challenging diseases such as these has led to the overuse of certain chemistries and resistance issues.  Read more »


Spring Cleaning: Preventing and Controlling Early Season Diseases

With spring around the corner, golf course superintendents should start thinking about early spring disease prevention. In areas where abundant surface and soil moisture exist, it is important to be prepared for any diseases that may develop. An early season fungicide application is recommended to make the transition between winter applications and spring disease control more seamless.  Read more »

Download Supporting Concert II Documents

2017140201781215857_snow-mold-assurance-thumb.jpg PDF
2018 Snow Mold Assurance Program(PDF)

Syngenta Snow Mold Assurance Program takes the uncertainty out of pink and gray snow mold protection on greens, tees and fairways.

20174482017228214736_fungicide-chart.jpg PDF
Fungicide Efficacy Chart(PDF)

Use this chart to help choose the right fungicide for optimal control.