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Product Overview

Contend™ fungicide (a combination of the separately registered products Contend A and Contend B fungicides) is an innovative solution to help control pink and gray snow mold on golf course fairways. It contains four active ingredients in three different FRAC groups to protect turf for more than 120 days. And make sure you get it fast. Purchases this year must be made on or before December 7, 2016.


Key Benefits

  • Helps control multiple species and stages of pink and gray snow mold
  • Long-lasting disease control for more than 120 days
  • Formulation is non-volatile, photostable and persistent in the plant throughout the winter

Key Features

  • Four active ingredients spanning three FRAC codes including azoxystrobin, propiconazole, difenconazole and Solatenol®, Syngenta’s newest active ingredient for the turf industry
  • Solatenol, a third generation SDHI, strongly binds to the plant waxy layer and uses translaminar activity to move throughout the leaf
  • Contend is made up of two separately registered products, Contend A and Contend B, which should be tank mixed together

Additional Information

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Contend Fungicide Comparison
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Snow Mold Trial, 2014-2015.

University of Wisconsin, P. Koch, Marquette, MI

Fairway Treatment

Gray Snow Mold, 120 days snow mold cover



Contend fungicide now registered for snow mold

  Read more »


New Contend™ fungicide from Syngenta now registered for snow mold control on golf courses

The EPA has granted registration to new Contend™ fungicide* from Syngenta for control of pink and gray snow mold on golf courses.  Read more »

Download Supporting Contend Documents

2016842016113212434_2016_Snow_Mold_Assurance-2.jpg PDF
2016 Snow Mold Assurance Program(PDF)

2016523201691319244_Contend-Tech-TH.jpg PDF
Contend Technical Bulletin(PDF)

See Contend’s performance against snow mold.