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Product Overview

Get to the root of parasitic turf nematodes with Divanem nematicide

Divanem® nematicide delivers excellent turf quality through proven, broad-spectrum control including sting, lance, and root-knot nematodes. The innovative formulation moves quickly into the soil where nematodes are most active and provides drought tolerance and quicker recovery from stress.

For tips including how to sample for nematodes and where to send soil samples for testing, visit the Nematode Knowledge page.

Lane Tredway, Ph.D. talks nematodes with GCSAA.tv

Proven Performance

1 x 0.5 gal. jug of Divanem is available in a Multipak with 5 x 1 lb. jugs of Heritage Action. 

  • Controls the most troublesome nematode species including sting, root-knot and lance.
  • Powered by the trusted active ingredient abamectin, Divanem is a suspension concentrate formulation designed to move more quickly into the soil to where parasitic nematodes are found for fast, effective control at the source.
  • Helps protect roots from nematode damage and drought, which leads to more durable, stress-tolerant turf that can recover quicker from stresses like disease and aerification.
  • Allows flexible application rates and season-long rotations for effective agronomic program.
  • Divanem is available for individual sale or in a Multipak with Heritage® ActionTM fungicide.
  • When used with Heritage Action, superintendents can help manage nematodes as well as diseases and abiotic stress.

Application Information

  • No special equipment needed for application.
  • No course closures are required during or after application. Re-entry is permitted after the spray has dried.
  • Safe for use on greens, tees and fairways of all turf species.
  • Active ingredient quickly moves into the soil layer and stays where nematodes are found.
  • Turf should be wet prior to application, and a wetting agent and surfactant should be tank-mixed with Divanem. 
  • For best results, applications should be made during mornings when light levels are low and dew is present. If no dew is present, a short irrigation cycle should be run to moisten turf prior to application.

Divanem Trials

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Divanem helps enhance root mass significantly.

Trial held on ’Champion’ Bermudagrass Putting Green at the Orange County National Golf Center in Winter Garden, Florida. Samples collected October 25, 2016. (Left) Untreated. (Right) Divanem (12.2 fl. oz./A) and a soil surfactant applied August 23, 2016, and September 21, 2016, and watered-in immediately with 0.2 inches of irrigation. Syngenta, 2016.

Nematode-damaged roots not only absorb less water but are also more susceptible to disease.

When combined with Heritage Action fungicide, Divanem will help improve turf quality and density as well as root growth and quality while providing enhanced biotic and abiotic stress tolerance.

Divanem helps turfgrass recover more quickly from aerification.

Treatments applied 4 times on 14-day interval beginning August 4, 2016. Divanem tank-mixed with a surfactant (6.0 fl. oz./1,000 ft2) and watered-in immediately with 0.25 inches of irrigation. Aerification performed on September 20, 2016, with 5/8 inch hollow tines on 2x2-inch centers. Young, 2016.

Divanem helps turf recover more quickly from drought.

Treatments applied 5 times on a 14-day interval prior to initiating drought stress. 37.5 and 75 gai/ha of abamectin is equivalent to 6.1 and 12.2 fl. oz./A of Divanem. Young, 2016.

Divanem provides broad-spectrum control over nematode activity.

Divanem applied to bermudagrass 4 times on 14-day interval. Data collected 12-25 days after 4th application. Crow, 2016.

Divanem helps control parasitic nematode populations to reduce root damage.

Samples collected October 25, 2016. Divanem and a wetting agent (48 fl. oz./A) applied on August 23, 2016, and September 21, 2016. Applications watered-in immediately with 0.2 inches of irrigation. Crow, 2016.



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Nematode Knowledge

The first step to defending turf from nematodes is #NematodeKnowledge. Visit the Nematode Knowledge page to learn more about how infestations impact turfgrass, how to identify nematodes through regular soil sampling and solutions for nematode control. More information on where to send soil samples, visit here to learn more.

Follow us on Twitter @SyngentaTurf and join the conversation with #Time4Divanem.

Download Supporting Divanem Documents

201772201713121746_divanem-sell-sheet-th.jpg PDF
Divanem Nematicide Information Sheet(PDF)

Learn how Divanem delivers excellent turf quality through proven, broad-spectrum control on golf course tees, greens and fairways.

2017146201733212626_Soil-Samp-Info-Sheet-Th.jpg PDF
Nematode Soil Sampling Information Sheet(PDF)

Review proper nematode sampling methods and find out how you can find a local lab to test them.