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Product Overview

Meridian 25 WG Insecticide Controls Larvae of Key Turf Insects

Meridian® 25 WG insecticide provides foliar and systemic control of grubs and insects in turf. It has a wide application window and does not have to be watered in until up to 7 days after application. It is also effective on a wide range of ornamentals around golf courses, residential lawns and interiorscapes. The active ingredient, thiamethoxam, works both through insect ingestion and contact activity.

Key Features

  • Now labeled for chinch bug control
  • Broad-spectrum insect control, including larvae of Asiatic garden beetle, billbug, black turfgrass ataenius, Japanese beetles, May and June beetles and chafers.
  • Quick, effective curative control

Key Benefits

  • Wide application window allowing flexibility in application timing
  • Reduced need for watering-in after application
  • Metabolizes slowly in turfgrass, allowing for extended-control with good knockdown activity

Download Supporting Meridian 25WG Documents

2017244201761173724_CraneFly-SolutionsSheet.jpg PDF
Crane Fly Solutions Sheet(PDF)

Features symptoms, activity, life cycles and control options for the common crane fly and European crane fly.

2019721201993172039_portfolio-thumbnail.jpg PDF
Golf Portfolio Brochure(PDF)

See how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on golf courses.

20182262018824195442_MeridianSellSheetFINAL.jpg PDF
Meridian Insecticide Sell Sheet(PDF)

Features information about using Meridian for preventive and curative control of chinch bugs, ants, grubs and other turf insect pests.

201913220191122161216_Sportsturf-pp.jpg PDF
Sports Turf Brochure(PDF)

See how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on athletic fields.




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