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Product Overview

Mural Fungicide Ornamentals

Two active ingredients provide broad-spectrum disease control

Mural® fungicide offers one versatile solution powered by an advanced generation SDHI and Heritage® fungicide to control the widest range of root and foliar diseases in ornamental and vegetable plants. Mural provides control of key foliar, stem and root diseases including Botrytis, Rhizoctonia and leaf spots like powdery mildew and anthracnose.

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Solatenol® fungicide, one of the active ingredients in Mural, was designed with a benzonorbornene ring that has a strong attraction to the SDHI binding site within the fungal mitochondria.

Comparisons are made with recommended label rates. Mural is formulated to mix readily and stay in suspension with minimal agitation, making use and application easier.


Solatenol: A unique, advanced generation SDHI

Suspension comparison: Mural vs Pageant fungicides

Suspension comparison: Mural vs Pageant fungicides



Key Features

  • Most flexible, broad-spectrum fungicide providing control of ornamental diseases at low use rates.
  • Versatile fungicide labeled for ornamentals and vegetable plants including cucurbits, peppers, eggplant and tomatoes.
  • Water-dispersible granule formulation manufactured using the unique Pepite Technology process.

Key Benefits

  • Labeled for foliar and drench application in greenhouses, shade and lath houses, retail nurseries and in outdoor nursery production.
  • One solution to control multiple diseases on a variety of ornamental and vegetable plants.
  • No dust lessens inhalation risk and the product dissolves immediately in water.


Jim Daugherty
Head Grower
Corso's Perennials

“With Mural’s broad-spectrum control and longevity, we use it to target a large number of potential and unexpected situations. We find it effective on Botrytis, anthracnose, Rhizoctonia, rust, Phytophthora, Alternaria and mildews. We find Mural to work very well in the prevention of mildews and the residual effect is always a great factor when using this product. When choosing a fungicide with the benefits Mural has, you must always be cautious of phytotoxicity and PGR effects. We have seen neither of these on our crops thus far.”


Jeff Walls
Head Grower

“We applied Mural at the 6 oz rate to hundreds of varieties of common ornamental bedding plants as a preventive treatment. We also used it specifically for powdery mildew. It is superior to anything else we have used and has successfully prevented the disease. It made me look at Mural as my first choice for powdery mildew control. With its dual chemistry, we are seeing better results than with previous fungicides.”

Tom Gunther
Young Plant Lead Grower
Lucas Greenhouses

“Our primary target in the early stages of propagation is Botyrtis and Mural gives us effective control. We apply it as a drench within 24 hours of the stick process. We also use a Mural/Mainspring GNL tank mix as a pre-ship foliar spray. This application guarantees that we will maintain pest control through the transit process and into the first ten days of production. Growers often ask about our experience with Mural. It’s simple - what we don’t see is trouble. Our liner crops start clean and finish clean. Whether you are a propagator or a finish grower, Mural should be in your pest management program.”

Kathleen Baughman
Operations Manager
Iwasaki Brothers Greenhouse

“Before Mural, there were no chemistries available that we could drench for powdery mildew. We were rotating fungicides and spraying a lot. We applied Mural as a drench and didn’t have any powdery mildew problems. It kept our dahlias and hanging baskets completely clean, despite being a high pressure season. Mural provided more than 4 weeks of control. The fact that we can drench Mural has really helped us and saved both time and labor.”


Additional Information

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Aerial Rhizoctonia
Rust Chart
Powdery Mildew Petunia Untreated
Powdery Mildew Petunia Drench
Rhizoctonia Untreated
Botrytis Geranium Untreated
Botrytis 4 oz. Mural
Botrytis 18 oz Pageant
Botrytis 7oz Mural
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Aerial Rhizoctonia

This photo shows how Mural performed with directed stem spray applications made on snapdragons for control of aerial Rhizoctonia.

Snapdragon – Mural 5 oz (left), Pageant® 12 oz (right)

2016 Buck, UGA


This trial shows the percent disease incidence of rust on daylilies when treated with Mural and Pageant fungicides.

Spray applications on a 14-day interval

Drench applications on a 30-day interval

Six replicates

2016 Buck, UGA

Powdery Mildew

A common ornamental disease, powdery mildew can affect crops in both greenhouse and nursery operations.

Petunia – untreated

Powdery Mildew

When applied as a drench, Mural moves through the roots and into the foliage so all parts of the plant are protected, even new plant growth. Mural has shown systemic performance in controlling foliar diseases such as powdery mildew and rust in certain crops when applied as a soil treatment.

Petunia – 2 oz. Mural drench, 6 weeks after inoculation

2014 Vero Beach Research Center


Mural controls a wide array of soilborne diseases, like Rhizoctonia Root and Crown Rot. It moves throughout plant tissue when absorbed by roots to protect plants from fungal pathogens.

Left – untreated

Right – 2 oz. Mural drench, 24 days after inoculation

2014 Vero Beach Research Center


Even at low use rates, Mural provides great control of Botrytis, a prevalent disease that can affect bedding plants like geraniums.

Geranium – untreated


With its unmatched systemic movement and effectiveness at low use rates, Mural offers outstanding Botrytis control.

Geranium – 4 oz. Mural spray, 5 days after inoculation


Mural provides stronger control at a lower use rate compared to industry alternatives.

18 oz. Pageant® fungicide spray


Mural provides stronger control at a lower use rate compared to industry alternatives.

7 oz. Mural spray



Preventing Common Propagation Diseases

Protecting plants during propagation can be a challenge. Unrooted cuttings and young seedlings generally require warm temperatures along with frequent misting or high humidity so they can root into the planting media. This warm, humid environment also provides optimal conditions for spores of pathogenic agents to germinate, invading wounds and tender plant tissue. Plants in propagation can be at risk of developing various diseases including foliar blights caused by Botrytis cinerea, leaf spots caused by Alternaria, Colletotrichum and Myrothecium spp. as well as lower stem rots. Young seedlings are also at risk of damping-off from Pythium, Phytophthora and Rhizoctonia spp. when the growing media is wet for a prolonged period of time.  Read more »


Production Points on Poinsettias

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Guard Garden Mums

Garden mums are most often produced outdoors and can be subject to weather conditions favorable for insects and diseases. A comprehensive rotation of proven products can help prevent infestations before they develop.  Read more »


Keep crops clean with a powdery mildew prevention program

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Download Supporting Mural Documents

20179312017720175522_Botrytis-Rotation-Program.jpg PDF
Botrytis Rotation Program(PDF)

Rotate fungicides to prevent Botrytis in the greenhouse or nursery

20168592016721213449_d-mildew-prevention.jpg PDF
Downy Mildew Prevention Schedule(PDF)

Follow these tips to help prevent downy mildew on your crops.

20173522017330204923_mural-information-sheet.jpg PDF
Mural Information Sheet(PDF)

Mural is an excellent choice for disease control in both nursery and greenhouse operations.

20178342017330204717_mural-tech-bulletin.jpg PDF
Mural Technical Bulletin(PDF)

Detailed information and use recommendations for Mural fungicide.

2016227201691171353_Nursery-Brochure-Thumbnail.jpg PDF
Nursery Brochure(PDF)

Learn more about our vast portfolio of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides available for use in nurseries.

20177612017411193846_Powdery-Mildew-JPEG.jpg PDF
Powdery Mildew Rotation Program(PDF)

Learn more about how to prevent powdery mildew in the greenhouse or nursery.