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Primo Maxx Plant Growth Regulator

Product Overview

Primo Maxx Plant Growth Regulator Helps Turf Withstand Stress

Primo Maxx® plant growth regulator promotes denser, healthier turf that is better able to withstand a variety of stresses including heat, drought, diseases and traffic. It slows the production of gibberellic acid, a plant hormone that promotes cell elongation. Vertical shoot growth is slowed, while lateral and below-ground growth of rhizomes, stolons, tillers and roots is stimulated.


Primo Maxx Grass Clipping Comparison


Key Features

  • Useful in the management of difficult-to-mow areas and can be used to minimize the need for edging turfgrass
  • Multiple applications will reduce water use and improve drought tolerance
  • Advanced formulation technology ensures it mixes completely with water and does not settle out in a spray tank

Key Benefits

  • Can be applied at rates of 0.1 to 0.2 fl. oz. per 1,000 sq. ft. every 7 to 14 days to suppress basal rot anthracnose. Use the lower rate when seedheads are present.
  • Can be applied to existing turf infested with stands of Poa annua as part of an overseeding/renovation program
  • Pre-stress conditioning
  • It can extend the duration of marking visibility when applied before or with marking agents



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Download Supporting Primo Maxx Documents

2016182016822222130_pgr-overseeding-sw.jpg PDF
Effective Overseeding Strategies for the Southwest(PDF)

An overview of effective overseeding strategies for the Southwestern US.

20164042016822222429_pgr-application-aid.jpg PDF
PGR Application Aid (Printer Friendly)(PDF)

Recommended turf sites and application rates for Primo Maxx and Trimmit.

20164962016412155211_PGR-Brochure-2016.jpg PDF
PGR Brochure(PDF)

Learn more about Syngenta PGRs Primo Maxx and Trimmit.