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Trimmit 2SC Plant Growth Regulator

Product Overview

Trimmit 2SC Plant Growth Regulator Slows Grass Growth and Suppresses Poa

The active ingredient in Trimmit® 2SC, Paclobutrazol, suppresses Poa annua and is a proven plant growth regulator for managing top growth of turfgrasses. Use it on established hybrid bermudagrass, bentgrass, bluegrass and perennial ryegrass fairways, tees, and roughs. For growth suppression on established bermudagrass and St. Augustine, it can be used when the grass is green, actively growing and has recovered from dormancy.

Key Features

  • Paclobutrazol, the active ingredient in Trimmit 2SC, inhibits gibberellic acid, the plant hormone responsible for growth by cell elongation
  • Sensitivity of Poa annua to Trimmit allows desirable turfgrasses to crowd out the Poa by slowing its vertical growth within three to 10 days and its competitive ability within one to two weeks

Key Benefits

  • Clippings and the frequency of mowing can be reduced by up to 50% during the effective period
  • Slows grass growth, while enhancing overall turf quality, for up to two months after application
  • Increased turf density and tighter-knit turf improves ball playability on hybrid bermudagrass

Download Supporting Trimmit 2SC Documents

2016182016822222130_pgr-overseeding-sw.jpg PDF
Effective Overseeding Strategies for the Southwest(PDF)

An overview of effective overseeding strategies for the Southwestern US.

20164042016822222429_pgr-application-aid.jpg PDF
PGR Application Aid (Printer Friendly)(PDF)

Recommended turf sites and application rates for Primo Maxx and Trimmit.

20164962016412155211_PGR-Brochure-2016.jpg PDF
PGR Brochure(PDF)

Learn more about Syngenta PGRs Primo Maxx and Trimmit.

2016616201682163950_Poa-Assurance-Overseed.jpg PDF
Poa annua Assurance Program for overseeded fairways(PDF)

Protect your overseeded fairways from Poa annua.

2018463201831215615_tank-mixing-products.jpg PDF
Tank Mixing Products(PDF)

Tank Mixing Tips and Procedures




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