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agronomic planning
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Golf Course Management: Cover Story.
Syngenta Agronomic Programs Why choose a Syngenta agronomic program? Customized programs deliver you the best products,
at the right time, all season long.
Syngenta Agronomic Programs Why choose a Syngenta agronomic program? What you apply during March - May is just as important
as what you apply in June, July, and August.
Syngenta Agronomic Programs Why choose a Syngenta agronomic program? Effective disease management requires a comprehensive,
season-long approach.
Syngenta Agronomic Programs Why choose a Syngenta agronomic program? Our programs are customized for each grass species
and geographical location to deliver comprehensive
management of pressures in your region.

Syngenta's agronomic programs help you optimize your turf results. Each program is designed through research by Syngenta Technical Managers. To find a tailored program for your turf type and region, simply select your program needs below.


Customer Stories

  • Mike Moyer

    Mike Moyer

    Superintendent, Bear Trap Dunes
    Ocean View, DE
    "[Mike Agnew & Doug Rider] have both been great resources to me being newer to the area than some of the other superintendents around here."
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  • Jeff Reich

    Jeff Reich

    Superintendent, TPC River’s Bend
    Mainville, OH
    "We try to keep it simple and don’t try to get too convoluted. We rotate Secure and Daconil Action. We will go with Secure a couple of times in the spring and then switch over to Daconil Action when the dollar spot pressure is high, and then rotate between Secure and Daconil Action and sometimes rotate those two for dollar spot and brown patch."
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  • Tyler Andersen

    Tyler Andersen

    Superintendent, University of Texas Golf Club
    Austin, TX
    "The place has really started to shine. Membership is ecstatic, ownership is ecstatic, the golf teams, are extremely happy to have a place to practice regularly in similar conditions to what they would see on a day-to-day basis at a tournament venue."
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  • Shawn Emerson

    Shawn Emerson

    Director of Agronomy, Desert Mountain
    Scottsdale, AZ
    The chemistries available in today’s market make it financially beneficial to emphasize preventative approaches vs. curative methods, Emerson says. Disease pressure is lower in the Southwest than other regions, but Daconil Action and Heritage Action are part of the spray program.
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  • John Nelson

    John Nelson

    Superintendent, The Merit Club
    Libertyville, IL
    "The program got me back to where I should be, rotating products more efficiently… It got me back into a better rotation and a more timely application of certain products to head off disease pressure before it came."
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  • Jeff Snyder

    Jeff Snyder

    Superintendent, The Water's Edge Country Club
    Penhook, VA
    "The dollars are about the same...we might have saved 10 percent, but improvement in the quality of the fairways and the rough went up 100 percent by using better products."
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  • David Dickson

    David Dickson

    Superintendent, Allegheny Country Club
    Sewickley, PA
    Following the recommendations of Syngenta technical manager Dr. Mike Agnew, Dickson decided eight years ago to perform applications on two-week rotations. “We have been spotless ever since,” Dickson says.
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Building an Agronomic Program Video

Syngenta technical manager Mike Agnew, Ph.D., presents how to build a successful agronomic program and provides considerations for abiotic and biotic stress management.