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A premium business development program for superintendents.

Golf course superintendents have increasing requirements to not only deliver outstanding turf conditions, but to also possess excellent business and managerial skills. For this reason, Syngenta partners with the Wake Forest University School of Business to offer an innovative business development program tailored to superintendents, the Syngenta Business Institute (SBI). This unique three-day program provides a business management curriculum that includes financial management, leadership skills, effective communications, negotiation tactics and more.

Syngenta Business Institute 2018 runs December 3 - 6, 2018.

Applications for SBI 2018 are now closed. Selected participants will be notified in October.

Check out reviews from past Syngenta Business Institute participants:

"The Syngenta Business Institute is the best education event I’ve ever been to. It exceeded expectations and it was refreshing not to hear a sales pitch. The ‘Leading Across Cultures and Generations’ session, in particular, was good information that you don’t always consider. It helps you think about cultural differences, and how people may work or learn differently from you."

Michael Dunk, SBI class of 2017

"All of the classes at the Syngenta Business Institute feel like they’ve been designed to make you take a step back from the day-to-day grind and look at yourself. It’s important for us to engage like this and widen our support network within the industry. SBI is a must-do on the bucket list of conferences. It’s very self-rewarding and eye-opening about how to manage your career and course."

Josh Pope, SBI class of 2017

"Programs like the Syngenta Business Institute are required to understand the new generation of leaders. It showed me that it’s okay to have a different leadership style, and that the definition of leadership is very diverse and inclusive. The program also allows you to build camaraderie and a network of fellow superintendents with years of experience. You can’t replicate the experience and relationship building like this."

Carlos Arraya, SBI class of 2017

"It really motivated me to see seasoned superintendents take time to come to this event and learn. They’re driven and committed to improvement and that will make their already successful operations even better. The Syngenta Business Institute provided us with an opportunity to take time away from the courses and look inward at our organizations and ourselves. I learned invaluable lessons about myself and my team that I can take back and use to make my organization better."

Ryan Swilley, SBI class of 2017