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A successful agronomic program requires conditioning turf so it performs and recovers quickly from stress. GCM magazine has published a series of articles that review best practices for establishing and maximizing an agronomic program, including tips for the following:
  • Monitoring
  • Managing resistance
  • Implementing cultural practices
  • Timing applications

​​​​​​​As you begin to tackle agronomic planning in the new year, read the following GCM article about greens management written by Lane Tredway, technical services manager for Syngenta. You can also read additional GCM articles below:
  • The windshield or the bug - written by Matt Giese, technical services manager for turf and landscape at Syngenta
  • Sharpening your axe – written by Mike Agnew, technical services manager for turf and landscape at Syngenta

Agronomic planning: Less art, more science

Written by Lane Tredway, technical services manager for turf and landscape at Syngenta

“I don’t believe in philosophies. I believe in fundamentals.” — Jack Nicklaus

Any good coach will tell you that the game of golf is built on an essential set of skills. Mastering fundamentals such as a good grip, a steady swing and precise putting are the building blocks for success.

For golf course superintendents, the same mentality can be applied to creating a successful turf management strategy. Asking yourself questions such as “Am I treating for the right pests at the right time?” can help build a strong foundation for agronomic planning. That question is particularly important when developing a greens management strategy, because greens are the most prone to damage from diseases, insects and nematodes, and their tolerance for this type of stress is pretty much zero.

Developing an agronomic program for your greens may seem more complicated than ever. With new chemistries, premix products, resistance management concerns and other challenges, it’s enough to make your head spin. But like any other complex task, if you go back to the fundamentals, it becomes far easier to tackle.

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