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Sign up for Soil Temperature Alerts | GreenCast | Syngenta

Knowing the soil temperature is imperative when battling turfgrass insects, weeds and diseases. Sign-up now to receive automated alerts when the soil temperature hits a target threshold in your area. You may also visit the soil temperatures page to track soil temperatures in any U.S. location and access 35 years' worth of historical data.

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A: Pest Specific Soil Temperature Alerts

Since certain pests thrive in certain soil temperatures, having that information can really help you stay ahead of the game. Below are 8 pests that can be monitored by soil temperature. Select the pest(s) that you would like to receive alerts for when the target soil conditions exist in your area:

Spring Pests (cycle starts on January 1)

Spring and Fall Pests (Spring cycle starts on January 1, Fall cycle starts on July 1)

Fall Pests (cycle starts on July 1)

B: Temperature-Based Alerts

Already know the soil temperature that you want to monitor? Select it below to receive an alert when the soil temperature averages at or above that value for 5 days in your area. You may create up to 5 temperature-based alerts:

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