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May ABW Update: PA and Southern NJ

We started to find consistent densities of annual bluegrass weevil (ABW) larvae in untreated check plots throughout Southeastern Pennsylvania and Southern New Jersey early in the week of May 15th. Visual ABW damage has been slowed by adequate soil moisture in most locations of the Mid-Atlantic region. All of the damage I have observed, to date this year, has been on annual bluegrass.

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ABW Development Update: North Carolina

Although the weather has continued to throw us for a loop, particularly in northern North Carolina, temperatures have consistently stayed in the 60s or higher the last few weeks. Despite the occasional snow flurry, soil temperatures remain in the 60s, which is the most important temperature for weevil development and activity. As a result, bizarre fluctuations in weather have not had too much of an impact on weevil populations.

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Central PA to OH: The final push for Generation 1

It has been a month since my last blog post. At that time, adulticide applications were being made in western Pennsylvania, and central Pennsylvania and northern Ohio were trailing a week or so behind. Rhododendrons were in full bloom in Pittsburgh on Monday making the end of this week to early next week an ideal time to target larvae with an insecticide.

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Start getting ready for curative ABW larvicides in central NJ, not quite there, yet, in northern NJ

This week I have two very different scenarios to offer, and I am scratching my head over it. In central New Jersey at Pine Brook Golf Course, adult densities have started to go down. Meanwhile, larvae are thriving.

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Time for early ABW larvicides in central NJ, getting there in northern NJ

While adult ABW densities stay high, small larvae have started to show up on fairways in central and northern NJ. In fact, at both Pine Brook Golf Course (Manalapan, NJ) and Preakness Hills Country Club (Wayne, NJ) we just recorded the highest adult densities yet this season.

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First larvae showing up in Massachusetts

The samples we received from two of our cooperators (Chicopee, MA and Albany, NY) had a couple second instars in them this week. The warm weather we experienced last week apparently induced a few adults to begin to mature and lay eggs. We are now back in a holding pattern of sorts.

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How do we compare to last year?

It's always fun and helpful to compare present pest and cultural problems to the past. Did this problem occur earlier, or later than last year? Are we ready, or are we too late to control this problem? Of course, the problem I'm talking about is the Annual Bluegrass Weevil.

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Change is finally on the way in New England

March and the early part of April were quite cool, so the overwintering weevils did not start moving at many southern New England locations until last week. Last week we recovered almost 10 weevils, but this week we found almost 40 weevils - and took fewer samples. This suggests that our overwintering adults are finally beginning to move out toward the shorter cuts of grass.

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Full Speed Ahead in Mid-Atlantic

We have now officially pulled up the anchor in Northern Virginia and Maryland and ABW populations are running at full speed. We've accumulated over 200 GDD in short bursts since April 1st , alone.

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As Spring Weather Stabilizes in NC, Look out for ABW

Following a long, cold March, the weather has seemed to stabilize and is finally consistent with average April temperatures in North Carolina. Last week, adult numbers approached the threshold for making an adulticide application at both NC sites.

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