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Winterkill Prevention: Some Thoughts on Snow Removal on Greens

In the winter of 2014, we heard about something called a "Polar Vortex" for the first time in Michigan. What later became known as the "Worst Winter Ever" ushered in a new era of turfgrass winter management. Snow blowing greens...

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Fire Away at Crane Flies

The European crane fly snuck into Michigan several years ago, and yet it still remains a misunderstood and overlooked pest on golf courses, sports fields, and home lawns. It favors wet soils and areas near bodies of water such a...

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Chutes & Ladders & Dollar Spot

While it's true that some courses have overused certain classes of chemistry over the years, resulting in a reduced sensitivity to some diseases, it's also my opinion that a reduction in cultural practices during the growing seas...

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What is this # Thing and How Do I Use It?

Hashtags have permeated popular culture over the last several years. But even now, hashtags remain largely misunderstood by the masses. Most often, they are used to add tone or humor to a tweet, and while they may accomplish jus...

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Filling in Your Own Blanks

In my previous life as a superintendent, faced with the uncertainty of winterkill recovery, someone once came into my office and told me, "If you don't provide the information, someone else will fill in the blanks for you."

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