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Posts by Dr. Karl Danneberger

Disease Resistance Strategies

Strategies for minimizing the potential for fungicide resistance.

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Fungal Disease Resistance

A discussion of how fungicide resistance develops in turf and strategies of how to control it.

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Riding the wave of a fall armyworm invasion

Fall armyworm has arrived with a vengeance through swaths of the Midwest

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Crane flies

European crane fly will be emerging and laying eggs during August

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Return to Normal?

A look at the 2021 Memorial tournament where it appeared normality was returning from the pandemic until a disqualification

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Summer Patch on Golf Courses

Effective summer patch control begins with timely fungicide applications when spring soil temperatures average around 65°F.

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Application timing critical for controlling crabgrass

Soil temperatures and plant phenology can be used as keys in applying pre-emergent herbicides.

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The polar vortex is dropping

What the cold dip in temperature means this week

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Will SDS appear sooner this year?

Predicted warmer temperatures this winter may favor early appearance of spring dead spot

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