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Posts by Dr. Karl Danneberger

Frosty Mornings

How does frost form? In this blog we look at the conditions and process by which frost forms.

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Are You Growing?

Highlighting a few educational opportunities this winter.

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It's Cold Out

The coldest start to a New Year is 70 years raises concern on how cold hardy plants are.

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Hurricanes and Turf

A few thoughts on managing a turf after a hurricane.

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Freeze Injury: How it Occurs and What to do about It.

Comprehensive look at freeze tolerance and injury in both cool and warm season turfgrasses.

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Rusty Old Turf

Rust is the most active disease on home lawns at the moment.

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The Importance of Fall Practices to Reduce the Potential for Microdochium Patch

Fall clean-up and management can help reduce the likelihood of Microdochium patch.

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Nematodes, which are often misdiagnosed can cause serious damage to turfgrass stands.

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Summer's Pastime: Poa annua Management

As we approach the midpoint of summer, annual bluegrass (Poa annua) management becomes more challenging.

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