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Ascernity® fungicide is a robust combination of Solatenol® (benzovindiflupyr) – an advanced SDHI technology in golf on large patch, brown patch and anthracnose – and difenoconazole, the proven cooling DMI, to prevent and control more than 20 diseases in cool and warm-season turf with no heat restrictions.


Briskway® fungicide combines a cooling DMI (Demethylation Inhibitor) with a proven strobilurin to control over 20 turf diseases. Briskway can be used throughout the season as part of an agronomic program, including during high heat and humidity with no heat restrictions or negative growth regulation.

Daconil Action

Daconil® Action™ fungicide is a broad-spectrum fungicide and plant activator that controls 15 and suppresses two diseases. Daconil Action combines the unmatched dependability of Daconil fungicide with the added benefit of acibenzolar-S-methyl (also known as acibenzolar). Unlike traditional methods of disease control, acibenzolar is not a fungicide - it has no direct effect against pathogenic fungi and bacteria.

Heritage Action

Heritage Action is a broad-spectrum, systemic fungicide for the prevention and control of turf diseases on golf courses, sod farms, institutional, commercial and industrial buildings, and collegiate and professional athletic fields. It contains two active ingredients that work together to control disease while protecting turf from abiotic stress like heat and drought.


Velista® fungicide is the broadest spectrum SDHI in the golf market. Spring and fall are ideal seasons to clean up greens, tees and fairways. In addition to controlling anthracnose, Velista also protects against dollar spot, brown patch and more. When used in rotation with Briskway® fungicide, Velista delivers excellent control of summer stress diseases on greens when temperatures shift from warm to hot.

Banner Maxx II

Banner Maxx® II is a systemic fungicide that provides effective broad-spectrum disease control of more than 20 diseases at low-use rates. It enters through the surface stem or root system, and prevents fungal cell growth by inhibiting sterol biosynthesis.

Concert II

Concert® II fungicide includes two active ingredients to help prevent and control more than 13 diseases. Concert II also contains a multi-site mode of action to help delay resistance.

Daconil Ultrex

DACONIL ULTREX is an excellent disease control agent for turf and ornamental plants on a broad spectrum of plant diseases. DACONIL ULTREX is recommended for use in programs which are compatible with the principles of Integrated Pest Management (IPM), which include the use of disease resistant crop varieties, cultural practices, pest scouting and disease forecasting systems which reduce unnecessary applications of pesticides.

Daconil Weatherstik

Disease control agent for control of a broad spectrum of plant diseases. Recommended for use in IPM programs. Effective for strategic use in programs that attempt to minimize disease resistance to fungicides.

Daconil Zn Flowable

Daconil Zn is registered to control 13 turf diseases and algae in turf. It is also registered for control of 50 diseases on over 75 ornamental plants.

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