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Product Overview

Princep Liquid Herbicide – An Alternative for Fall Application to Control Winter Annuals

Princep® Liquid herbicide provides turf professionals with a tool to use in the fall to control a number of pesky winter annual weeds including Poa annua. It can be used on bermuda, centipede, St. Augustine and zoysia. It enters the weed through the roots to inhibit growth.

Key Features

  • Pre-emergence control of annual bluegrass, burclover, lawn burweed, common and mouseear chickweed, henbit and others.
  • A second application can be made to control summer annuals as long as it is made before June 1.

Key Benefits

  • It can be tank-mixed with Pennant Magnum® herbicide to control additional weeds Controls a wide variety of broadleaf and grassy weeds in warm season turf.
  • Safe to use for winter weed control on semi-dormant turf with no green-up delay.

Download Supporting Princep Liquid Documents

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Golf Portfolio Brochure(PDF)

See how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on golf courses.

201623201671320355_goosegrass-info-sheet.jpg PDF
Goosegrass Information Sheet(PDF)

Control goosegrass with Tenacity, Princep and Pennant Magnum herbicides.

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Lawn Portfolio Brochure(PDF)

Download this brochure to see how the Syngenta portfolio of products can lead to unrivaled turf quality on your customers’ lawns.

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Poa annua Assurance Program for non-overseeded fairways(PDF)

Protect your bermudagrass & zoysiagrass fairways from Poa annua.




Be assured Poa annua is controlled in your region

Don't let Poa annua sneak up on your fairways this fall. With the Syngenta GreenTrust™ 365 Poa annua Assurance Program, you can liberate your fairways from Poa annua with confidence. These programs provide solutions for both overseeded and non-overseeded fairways based on your geographic location.  Read more »


Tenacity + Princep + Pennant Magnum: A Triple Threat for Goosegrass in Florida

Goosegrass is one of the toughest weeds in golf course turf. It is a prolific seed producer, germinates under a wide range of soil temperatures, matures quickly and thrives in compacted soils where the desired turf cannot compete. It would make an excellent playing surface, if it only had a better cold tolerance!  Read more »