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A new standard for enhanced season-long ABW control

Ference® insecticide is targeted to control all larval stages (one through five) of annual bluegrass weevil (ABW).

Product Details

Ference Insecticide

Ference® insecticide contains the active ingredient, cyantraniliprole, which will raise the bar on season-long control of ABW (annual bluegrass weevil). Since Ference systemically controls all larval stages, it provides superintendents greater flexibility later in the year when ABW populations are asynchronous. Ference offers a longer residual control than competitive products, and will provide increased and extended control of ABW through the enhanced Syngenta Optimum Control Strategy, found on WeevilTrak.com.

Ference also controls billbugs, European crane flies, white grubs, turf caterpillars and suppresses chinch bugs.

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Group 28 Insecticide



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          Features & Benefits

          • Systemic control of ABW at all larval stages (1st - 5th instar).
          • Ference stops turf-feeding damage within minutes after ingestion; larvae die within hours to days depending on insect life stages and species.
          • Manages a broad-spectrum of insect pests including: billbugs, European crane flies, white grubs, turf caterpillars and suppression of chinch bugs.
          • Improves control of asynchronous ABW populations, which have multiple life stages present at the same time.
          • Provides a new resistance management tool and rotation partner to help control pyrethroid-resistant ABW.
          • Increased control of ABW with the Syngenta Optimum Control Strategy through WeevilTrak.com.
          • Ference compliments and enhances an ABW program with Acelepryn®, Provaunt® and Scimitar® GC insecticides for extended, season-long control of ABW.

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