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Product Overview

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Put Downy Mildew and Phytophthora spp. down for the count

Segovis® fungicide sets a higher standard for Phytophthora spp. and downy mildew control. Its strong activity and systemic properties provide long-lasting control when applied as a drench or foliar spray at low use rates. Fueled by a new mode of action, Segovis is a critical part of a rotation program to help manage disease resistance on a wide range of plants, trees and shrubs.


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Key Features

  • Contains the active ingredient oxathiapiprolin and offers a unique mode of action for control of downy mildew and Phytophthora spp. on potted and bedding plants, foliage plants, perennials, trees and shrubs.
  • Long-lasting disease control when sprayed or drenched at low use rates in greenhouses, shade and lath houses, retail nurseries, outdoor nursery production and commercial landscapes.
  • Excellent rotation partner with Heritage, Micora® and Subdue Maxx® fungicides for a complete downy mildew and Phytophthora solution.

Key Benefits

  • Added convenience and versatility with many labeled use sites, 4-hour REI (restricted-entry interval) and ability to apply as a spray or drench.
  • Low use rates and long-lasting control leads to less time and cost inputs.
  • Novel mode of action provides new tool for growers to diversify rotation programs and manage resistance concerns.


Jeff Walls
Head Grower

“We applied Segovis for downy mildew in the spring to coleus, agastache, ornamental cabbage and kale. Last year we lost 40% of our agastache crop to downy mildew but we didn’t have any issues with it this year. We sprayed Segovis preventively and there was no loss of the crop. When we saw signs of downy mildew on seed and vegetative varieties of coleus, we drenched with Segovis and it cleared right up. We were able to ship the crop seven days later; that may be my first time ever seeing something clear up like that and still be able to ship.”

Kathleen Baughman
Operations Manager
Iwasaki Brothers Greenhouse

“In the past we have struggled to find a chemistry that can control many species of downy mildew. We tried Segovis on six crops with different types of downy mildew and we had at least 4-6 weeks of control under high disease pressure. We applied it to 6-inch perennial crops, including lupine and foxglove. It is great to have a drench option because it is hard to spray plants when they are cold, and that is when we have horrible downy mildew pressure. We were able to use Segovis as a drench and we didn’t have to follow up with a spray.”


Additional Information

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Downy Mildew Control (Plasmopara obducens) on Impatiens
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Downy Mildew Control (Plasmopara obducens) on Impatiens

Segovis provides long-lasting downy mildew control as a foliar spray at low use rates.

Treatment: Foliar spray applied twice on a 14-day interval

DAT = Days after treatment

2014 – Vero Beach Research Center

Phytopthora nicotianae

Segovis provides long-lasting control of Phytophthora spp. diseases at low use rates. This trial shows how it performed on petunias with a drench application 21 days before inoculation.

Petunia – Inoculated (left), Segovis 2 floz/100 gal (center), Segway® 3 floz/100 gal (right)

2016 Vero Beach Research Center

Download Supporting Segovis Documents

20168592016721213449_d-mildew-prevention.jpg PDF
Downy Mildew Prevention Schedule(PDF)

Follow these tips to help prevent downy mildew on your crops.

202028320205821101_thumbnail1[1].jpg PDF
Impatiens Agronomic Program(PDF)

Learn more about how to successfully cultivate impatiens this season.

2016227201691171353_Nursery-Brochure-Thumbnail.jpg PDF
Nursery Brochure(PDF)

Learn more about our vast portfolio of insecticides, fungicides and herbicides available for use in nurseries.

201871620181016194119_SegovisSellSheetthumb.jpg PDF
Segovis Fungicide Information Sheet(PDF)

Prevent and manage diseases caused by downy mildew and Phytophthora spp.




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