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Advion Fire Ant Bait
Fast-acting fire ant bait for ornamental nurseries

Advion® fire ant bait provides quick, effective control of fire ants in commercial nursery production of field and container-grown ornamentals and non-bearing fruit and nut trees.

Product Details

Advion Fire Ant Bait Insecticide

Advion fire ant bait provides quick and effective control of fire ants. With only one application, Advion fire ant bait helps control foraging worker ants within 12 to 48 hours and the total colony is controlled within 72 hours, including the queen. After two applications, year-long colony control can be achieved.

Supplemental label information
It is important to remember that in order to use Advion fire ant bait for field and container-grown ornamental nurseries, sod farms, and pastures grazed by horses and other companion animals, the user must have the approved supplemental label with them at time of application.

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Group 22 Insecticide



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          Features & Benefits

          • Fast-acting fire ant control for ornamental nurseries, sod farms and pastures grazed by horses and other companion animals
          • Two applications can provide year-round fire ant control
          • Advion fire ant bait is registered by the EPA under its Reduced Risk Program*
          • Applied as either a broadcast or mound treatment, Advion helps keep areas clear of all life stages of fire ants to prevent damage and harm caused by these aggressive pests
          • Results can be seen in 24-72 hours, saving time and resources on repeated applications

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