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Avid 0.15 EC
A standard insecticide/miticide for mite and leafminer control that is the top choice by growers

Avid® insecticide/miticide delivers proven, broad-spectrum control of mites and leafminers as well as suppression of aphids, thrips and whiteflies.

Product Details

Avid 0.15 EC Insecticide

Avid, an industry-leading miticide/insecticide, controls mites and leafminers and provides suppression of aphids, thrips and whiteflies. Avid is one of the most widely used miticides/insecticides for control of both mites and leafminers.

Active Ingredients:


HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group 6 Insecticide 



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          Features & Benefits

          • Highly versatile
          • Broad-spectrum pest control
          • Translaminar movement
          • Effective on both foliage and flowers and is an ideal product for a wide variety of application sites, resulting in less products to keep in inventory
          • Suppresses other key insect populations while controlling all key ornamental mites with fewer tank mixes
          • Rapid movement throughout the entire leaf provides longer protection and is well suited for use in Integrated Crop Management programs

          Multipak Available

          Save year round on complementary products delivered in convenient multipaks. The Avid + Mainspring® GNL Multipak provides broad-spectrum insect control with two modes of action for Nursery & Greenhouse growers.
          Avid + Mainspring GNL Multipak
          Avid + Mainspring GNL Multipak
          1 - 1 gal Avid 0.15 EC miticide/insecticide
          4 - 1 pt Mainspring GNL insecticide

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