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Consistently beautiful plants for consistently satisfied customers

Bonzi® is the industry standard that helps ensure growers maintain hardy, compact & beautiful plants.

Product Details

Bonzi Plant Growth Regulator

Bonzi® plant growth regulator ensures plants stay compact and beautiful to keep them at their peak longer for increased profitability. Bonzi is labeled for multiple application methods to provide versatility and flexibility. It can be applied as a spray, drench or pre-plant bulb soak on a wide variety of bedding plants, bulb crops, annual and perennial plants, as well as herbaceous and woody ornamentals.

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          Features & Benefits

          • Keeps plants uniformly compact and strong by reducing internode stretch
          • Can be used on a wide variety of bedding plants, bulb crops, annual and perennial plants, herbaceous and woody ornamentals
          • Can be applied as a single spray, drench, or preplant bulb soak and provides an excellent margin of safety at all stages of development
          • Produces attractive and marketable plants, bringing out the full beauty of ornamentals by keeping them compact
          • Maintains the plant-to-pot size ratio for aesthetically pleasing plants with deeper green foliage
          • Transport is less stressful with less breakage and plants have an extended, enhanced shelf life, where they stay at their peak longer


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