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Think of it as chemistry with horsepower.

3 FRAC codes. 4 active ingredients. 110 days of control. That's the power in Contend® fungicide. Use it to protect fairways from snow mold. Bank on it for performance.

Product Details

Contend Fungicide

Contend packaging

Active Ingredients:

Benzovindiflupyr, Difenoconazole, Azoxystrobin, Propiconazole


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          Features & Benefits

          • Four active ingredients spanning three FRAC codes including azoxystrobin, propiconazole, difenconazole and Solatenol®, Syngenta’s newest active ingredient for the turf industry
          • Solatenol, a third generation SDHI, strongly binds to the plant waxy layer and uses translaminar activity to move throughout the leaf
          • Contend is made up of two separately registered products, Contend A and Contend B, which should be tank mixed together
          • Helps control multiple species and stages of pink and gray snow mold
          • Long-lasting disease control for more than 110 days
          • Formulation is non-volatile, photostable and persistent in the plant throughout the winter

          Pallet Solution Available

          Contend Winter Solution
          Contend Winter Solution
          5 - Contend A+B Snow Pack
          2 - Instrata® fungicide 2x2.5 gal

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