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Daconil Weatherstik
The industry-leading contact fungicide that gives you the flexibility you need

Daconil Weatherstik® fungicide provides extended disease protection from more than 50 diseases in both nurseries and greenhouses.

Product Details

Daconil Weatherstik Fungicide

Daconil Weatherstik fungicide is a leading broad-spectrum contact fungicide that helps protect ornamentals from more than 50 major diseases in both nurseries and greenhouses.

Active Ingredients:


HRAC/FRAC/IRAC Classification:

Group M5 Fungicide



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          Features & Benefits

          • Provides residual control for 14 to 21 days
          • Available as a water-dispersible granule, flowable and flowable-with-zinc formulations
          • Built-in surfactant provides rainfastness for superior staying power
          • Allows you to get back into your nursery or greenhouse sooner to do the work you need to do
          • Provides excellent wide-spectrum disease control when partnered with Heritage®, Banner Maxx® II and Subdue Maxx®
          • Provides extended disease protection from more than 50 diseases


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