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Syngenta Business Institute is back in person!

Golf course superintendents have increasing requirements to not only deliver outstanding turf conditions, but to also possess excellent business and managerial skills. For this reason, Syngenta partners with the Wake Forest University Executive Education program to offer an innovative business development program tailored to superintendents, the Syngenta Business Institute SM (SBI). This unique four-day program provides a business management curriculum that includes negotiations, tools for managing employees, financial management and more.

Syngenta Business Institute 2022 will be held in person from December 6 - 9, 2022.

Applications for SBI 2022 are now closed. Accepted participants will be notified in October.

Applications for SBI 2023 will reopen in the spring.

Applicants must be employed in the United States as a golf course superintendent, director of agronomy or at an equivalent level to be considered.

Check out reviews from past Syngenta Business Institute participants:

It was beyond my expectations. I questioned the Zoom format and surprisingly being my first time using the technology in this format was more than above my expectations. I learned aspects in each of the sessions that I have already brought back to our operation and the network of fellow supers only puts more assets in one’s arsenal to move their career forward. If you are serious about your career, you should look seriously at SBI to advance your knowledge, network and resume.

Amos Stephens, SBI Class of 2020

I must say that my experience exceeded my expectations. I was not sure how everything was going to work out since we had to be on Zoom, however, it was a great time and I enjoyed the comradery. Being the first class to go virtual, it was a unique and fun way to get to know fellow superintendents. Everyone was engaged which made the learning process fun and entertaining. SBI is a fantastic way to work on your skills with fellow superintendents and gain valuable feedback with some of the best professors in the business.

Michael Sartori, SBI Class of 2020

My experience at the Syngenta Business Institute was unlike any event I have attended in the past. The unique curriculum has provided me with the tools to navigate the managerial challenges I face as a Golf Course Superintendent. The Syngenta Business Institute far exceeded my expectations. I now have a better understanding of what it takes to become a great leader and manager. I'm grateful for this opportunity offered by Syngenta. If you are looking for an opportunity to better yourself and your maintenance operations, then SBI is for you. The people at Syngenta and Wake Forest University have paired up to create a unique curriculum that will benefit you for years to come.

Brett K. Klahr, SBI Class of 2020

Zoom was easy to navigate and all the professors did a great job navigating the different options during class. I really enjoyed the breakout sessions and I feel it really gave us an opportunity to discuss topics in greater detail. I feel some of the best lessons I’ll take away from this experience came from those smaller group settings.

SBI Class of 2020 alumnus

I took the majority of my Turf degree online, and this actually felt like I got more out of it with being able to ask professors questions while in the Zoom and not have to wait for an email response that sometimes took a day.

SBI Class of 2020 alumnus

Obviously, I wish I could have made the trip to North Carolina for an in-person event. However, I am grateful that this event was still able to happen. They provided wonderful information and education, which I have already begun to implement. I don't think you could've done a better job putting together a virtual event!

SBI Class of 2020 alumnus

This was a great way, even virtually, to gain new friends!

SBI Class of 2020 alumnus

I felt so fortunate to be selected to go on this group journey, getting to know so many talented people and create new friendships while adding to our business acumen. Virtual SBI is a can't miss event. I enjoyed every minute of it!

SBI Class of 2020 alumnus

Never knew so much can be done with Zoom.

SBI Class of 2020 alumnus

This quality of education far exceeded anything I have seen to date.

SBI Class of 2020 alumnus